Movie Reviews

Blood Work  -  Clint Eastwood back in action. 
Bourne Identity, The  -  The amnesiac spy who could kick 007's bitch ass. 
Brotherhood of the Wolf - A French film that falls short of all the hype.
Collateral - Tom Cruise being chauffeured around Los Angeles...but enough about real life 
Exorcist - The Beginning - Didn't you always wonder what Pazuzu had to do with the original? 
FearDotCom  -  A so-so thriller about a deadly website.
Frailty - Bill Paxton is the Hand of God, or maybe he's just a delusional auto mechanic.
Hannibal - Dr. Lecter is back.  Classier with disturbing imagery.
Jason X - Jason Voorhees in space.  It's like RoboCop meets Aliens meets Star Trek.
Jeepers Creepers - A silly horror movie that defies logic.
Kill Bill - Vol. 1 - Quentin Tarantino does Kung-Fu. 
Kill Bill - Vol. 2  -  This time, Uma Thurman will Kill Bill. 
Minority Report  -  Spielberg and Cruise take on the future of crime detection. 
Punch-Drunk Love  -  I suppose even a good director can make a bad film.  Of course, Adam Sandler doesn't help.
Passion of the Christ, The- The last hours of Christ like you've never seen before. 
Reign Of Fire  -  Dragon movie with cool effects 
Ring, The - Oh no!!  It's a killer away!!!
Scorpion King, The - Can you smellalalala what the Scorpion King is cookin' neither.
Super Troopers  -  Is it against the law to kill a bad movie?? 
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The - The saw is family, and he wants to meet you face to face. 
Undercover Brother - Austin Powers with an afro.  Solid!
Van Helsing  -  Here's an idea: 19th Century monster hunter...and hot babes. 
Village, The  - Haley Joel Osment says, "I see dead people shitty movies"

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