Punch-Drunk LoveWent to go see Punch-Drunk Love. Horrible. Pointless. Incoherent. An extreme disappointment. I can't stand Adam Sandler, but I like director P.T. Anderson's other efforts. Boogie Nights is an excellent movie, and Magnolia is just brilliant. This movie is so bad it doesn't even rate a bad review. After the movie, I heard some people saying, "So, what was the movie about?" People didn't know whether to take it as a comedy or a serious film, so that was confusing. Sandler starts doing his typical overacting, and I'm assuming we're supposed to feel for the guy, but people were laughing, thinking he was doing some comedy routine. That combined with the scenes being so long and bland, that you just lose interest. It gets intriguing at one point, when he starts getting threatened on the phone, but besides that....it was an awful movie. Wait until this stinkbomb goes to the $1 theater, and then sneak in. Better yet, don't subject yourself to this thing or else your grandchildren will hate you.



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RATING: 3/10

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