Van HelsingThis is what happens when you combine lots of CGI, monsters, cool 19th century weaponry, and hot chicks in tight costumes.  Even though it not technically summertime yet, this looks to be the first of the big summer blockbusters action movies.  Directed by the same guy (Stephen Sommers) that gave us The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King, and Deep Rising, we can expect a little action on the big screen.

With a short black and white intro on the fate of Dr. Frankenstein set in the year 1887, we cut to one year later with Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) going after Dr. Jekyll's alter ego in gay Paris.  Van Helsing is famed monster hunter who has a tendency to always murder his prey, but at least he does get them.  He works for a secret society and appears to be comfortable in his line of work.  His latest mission is to go head to head with Count Dracula in...guess where...yup, Transylvania.  For protection, he brings along an assortment of weapons created by his little Friar buddy who is some sort of genius in this aspect.  Dracula has his own arsenal of weapons, but in the form of werewolves and flying-vampire-naked-witch things.  He also has his own plans on how to survive forever.

Being set in lovely Transylvania, there are lots of mandatory shots of mountains, castles, and forests.  The ambience is all dark and foggy as would also be expected.  The special effects are used in large doses here, and they work very well.  The sets are expansive, and whoever did the costumes better have gotten paid well.

The action, plot, and drama are over the top, so don't go in expecting high cinema.  It's a fun action movie with lots of eye candy in terms of special effects, as well as the hot babes.  Nothing more and nothing less.  And in case while you're watching the movie, and think you see Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror Picture didn't.

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RATING:  7/10

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