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Ever since the deluge of paranormal television shows in the early 2000's, it seems like everyone with a tape recorder, digital camera, goofy Goth friend who knows Wiccan buzzwords, and an affinity for alleged psychic abilities is suddenly a paranormal expert. I'm quite skeptical of such outrageous claims of a demonic haunting simply because one day a painting of Grandmother is off kilter in the hallway or a lamp with faulty wiring flickers. Things like a closing door can be explained by air flow through the house creating suction and shutting the door. Seriously, I learned that when I was 8 years old at Grandma's house when she turned on the attic fan and the front door would open. An orb in a picture is almost always dust or insects. Someone having erratic behavior does not mean they are possessed by an ancient Sumerian demon named Bezagorathicon-Ba'al. Maybe the person is a drama queen, crazy, or they're PMSing. There is just way too much nonsense going on in the name of the paranormal giving it way too much of a exaggerated fear factor.

My Curiosity
How I took an interest in the topic of ghosts and the paranormal.

What I Believe
As a Christian, what is my take on the paranormal?

My House
Experiences I have had in my house.

Haunted Locations
Places that my wife and I have visited. I am still working on this, so please be patient.

Podcast Links
Here is a list of paranormal podcasts that I subscribe and listen to.

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