Jason XYou knew it would happen eventually.  That's right...another Jason movie.  In the tenth installment of the Friday the 13th series, Jason's in space hacking and slashing.  Now before you start pre-judging the plot line, let me assure you this is a fun movie.  Yes, it's stereotypical and yes, it's contrived...but it's just plain fun. 

Starting out in the not so distant future at the Crystal Lake Research Facility, our favorite unstoppable killing machine is being held for cryogenic suspension.  That is until some other group decides it'd be best to study him as to why his tissue regenerates and so on.  Naturally, the "sleeping" Jason takes exception to this and makes his opinion known, by killing most all of them.  By that I mean, the hot chick gets away.

Fast forward about 450 years and a team from Earth 2  finds two specimens on Earth 1, which has become desolate and cannot support life.  I think you can figure out that one of these specimens is Jason Voorhees, who obviously gets reanimated.  It seems he has a habit of doing that from one movie to the next.  Suddenly, the greedy head of the team thinks he can make some money off of exhibiting Jason, so he wants to use him for his own fame.  Once Jason revives, people on the ship are being killed in not so nice ways.  There are definitely a few standout death scenes, but to give them away would just be spoiling the fun.  A tactical team is dispersed to eliminate Voorhees, but Jason's too much of a bad ass to let that happen.  As to how Jason becomes "Uber Jason" (his credit at the end), it was a little predictable but creative nonetheless.

Jason X also has some self-deprecating humor which is obvious during the "Camp Crystal Lake 1980" scene.  Funny stuff.  The ending left it open to a sequel, but concerning Jason's demise, I wonder how they would pull it off.  I guess we'll just have to wait a few years for the Part 11.  Unless the much ballyhooed Jason vs Freddy comes out first.

If you're already a fan, you'll enjoy Jason X.  If you don't like the series and think it's getting old, this one won't win you over.  Money well spent for an hour and a half of entertainment.

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RATING:  6/10

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