The Bourne IdentityA body is recovered from the ocean off the coast of France by a fishing trawler.  Upon closer examination, we find out that the body isn't dead, but it our hero Matt Damon.  He's not in too good of shape though, as he has been shot twice in the back and has a laser implant removed that includes the number of a bank account in Switzerland.  The fishermen get him fixed up, but one problem.  He doesn't remember his name or how he got there.  Once in Switzerland, everything starts falling into place, but yet we don't know exactly how things  relate to each other.  We are just as much in the dark about his identity as he is.  In the safe deposit box in Switzerland are numerous passports, shitloads of money, and a gun.  He can only assume that his name is Jason Bourne, due to all the passports bearing that name alongside his picture.  He quickly befriends German hottie, Marie Kreutz played by the lick-a-licious Franka Potente (aka: the chick from Run Lola Run) and they're on the run. 

Back at the CIA, all the big wigs are worried about a threat from a foreign leader who is going to go public about a foiled assassination attempt against him.  At the same time, they get word one of their men is missing and they will find him at any cost.   What we have here is a guy who has no memory of who his, knows how to kick some ass, and use weapons.  But what makes him so important, that assassins around the world are sent in to  kill him?   There's lots of solid action here, with car chases, snipers, fight scenes, and explosions.  The story never gets dull, and something is always happening ala Enemy Of The State.

The Bourne Identity is an excellent film of the spy genre, and is highly worthy of lots of viewings.

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RATING:  9/10

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