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Here is a list of podcasts that I subscribe to on iTunes. I'm sure there are other ways to get them such as Stitcher or an RSS feed. You're smart, you figure it out.

Beyond Reality Radio

Back in 2007, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson were doing Beyond Reality Radio and then went on about an eight year hiatus. It's back now with hosts Jason and JV Johnson (no Grant) and still entertaining and informative. The content and topics are what you would expect from the TAPS group including obviously ghosts and hauntings, to exorcisms, cryptozoology, aliens, and UFOs .

Beyond Reality Radio on iTunes
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The Big Seance

Hosted by Patrick Keller, The Big SÚance is more oriented toward spirit communication, psychic and mediums, life after death, and Ouija. Interesting topics and discussions even though I think most of it is a bunch of hooey, pardon my language :)

The Big SÚance Podcast on iTunes
The Big Seance Homepage

Jim Harold's Campfire

Jim Harold has another podcast called The Paranormal Podcast, but I prefer the Campfire. The podcast consists of callers who tell their stories to Jim and they have a little back and forth. It is a really good podcast but is always inevitably ruined by the occasion caller who lives in a haunted house built on an ancient Indian burial ground and is tormented by demons with red eyes.

Jim Harold's Campfire on iTunes
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Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal Activity is a podcast where the listeners send in their stories of real paranormal experiences they have had and host Aaron Hunter reads them on the podcast. Most listener submitted stories are pretty good, but some people send in stories that a bit over the top. Only real criticism I have is some of the phone calls are so hard to understand. Aaron is a tech guy, so I think he needs to invest is some better technology for phone interviews. Also, when listening to the first few dozen episodes, he keeps mentioning his own experience in a farm house but he never tells what happened that turned him from skeptic to believer in the paranormal. Keep listening because he finally gets around to it in Episode 42. Grab your green tea and off to the Story Den!!

Real Paranormal Activity on iTunes
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History Goes Bump

This podcast is kind of like the first 15 minutes of a typical ghost hunting television where the owner tell the team about the history and claims of an alleged haunted location. Hosts Diane and Denise really do their research and delve into the history of haunted location. Also included on the podcast are segments like "Moment in Oddity" and "This Day in History".

History Goes Bump on iTunes
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Nightwatch is hosted by Kansas City horror and gore legendary director, Todd Sheets. Topics do include ghosts and hauntings, but also UFOs and aliens. Given Todd's love of horror movies, he does have many interviews with actors and directors of classic horror and slasher films. I consider myself quite a fan of those movies as well, but he goes deep into movies and actors I have never heard of.

Nightwatch Radio on iTunes
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The Ănigma Project

Wow! I don't even know how to describe this one. It is a train wreck, but a harmless and loveable train wreck that I eagerly wait for each week. Paul Cagle, Springwolf, and Sushi are the hosts and are apparently Skyping in and almost always have shitty connections. Paul is an avid ghost hunter, Springwolf is the resident Pagan because she has the cool nickname, and Sushi just doesn't buy into anything paranormal. Interesting topics of conversation are always broken up by extended silences, random outbursts of laughter at inside jokes, and of course how dumb and bigoted Christians are because they hate gay people...hmmmm is someone a bit sensitive? I look forward to more of the Free Form shows rather that specific topics, and always enjoy the "Truth or Tale" segment at the end.

The Ănigma Project on iTunes
The Ănigma Project Homepage

SEPS Paranormal Podcast

The predecessor to The Ănigma Project, Paul Cagle's SEPS Paranormal Podcast is more focused on investigations and ghost hunting techniques he and his group have used over the years. Topics have included equipment used and finding a reputable paranormal investigation group that aren't weirdoes.

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