The Crescent Hotel
Room 319
Eureka Springs, AR
August 12-13, 2012

After surviving a year of marital bliss, it was time for our first anniversary. Since we spent our honeymoon at The Stanley Hotel, I'm thinking we start a trend and stay at haunted locations for our anniversaries. I decided on The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Built in 1886, The Crescent Hotel has served as a hotel (obviously), a women's college, and a cancer hospital that offered no cure for the disease except for death.

When we checked in at the desk, we were pleasantly surprised by the voucher for a free breakfast. This will come into play later. We get up to our room and get settled in. Room 319 was a King Room with Jacuzzi and a shared veranda that faced the expansive Ozarks. If you looked really hard, you could see the Christ of the Ozarks in the distance. Right above us was Dr. Bakers which is a bistro and bar so since it had been a few hours since we had eaten we sat out on the roof and had some sandwich type food.

We walked the grounds, walked the "Historic Loop" which basically started at the front of the hotel and made a two mile loop through the area and ended up at the back of the hotel. Along that walk we discovered a Grotto Spring. It was a pleasant surprise. An underground spring with sitting area and a burning candle at the back. We did do the Ghost Tour which took us from top to bottom of the hotel telling the history and tragedy, and finally ending up in the morgue where the autopsy table and the "#2 Cabinet" from Ghost Hunters was. Very informative tour to say the least.

Later the wife and I went wandering through the building and ended up with one good EVP. We were on the ground level staircase that would lead down to the spa. This is where it is said that a little girl fell to her death from the top. We were there and so was the gray house cat (I believe the gray cat was Casper, and the black house cat was Jasper) just lounging around on the landing. Nikki asked the little girl if she likes playing with the cat, and she gets a response of, "Here Kitty". Yeah, that was kind of specific.

As for if any paranormal things happened, I think that would be too strong of a word, but we did have items end up missing or moved in the room. When Nikki first put her makeup stuff out, she could not find one of her mascara brushes. Let's be honest, chicks don't lose their makeup accessories. It's like them losing a pair of shoes. Never found it, until we got back and she is unpacking. There it was, still in her makeup box. Another weird thing was that breakfast voucher I mentioned when we checked in. We were going to have breakfast before leaving but I could not find the voucher. I put it on the nightstand on my side of the bed and it was not there. I looked around on the floor, behind the table, under the table, under the bed, but came up empty. I know we didn't use it and I purposely left it on the table so that we would use it on the last day before checking out. I looked all over the room, the bathroom, even on the balcony, but still nothing. I gave it one last try and this time I look under the bed toward the headboard and there it was. There is absolutely no explanation as to how it could have ended up there. There was no heavy wind or air flow through the room, even with door open. The A/C would not have blown it behind the bed. If you look at pictures of the room, the nightstand and bed are close together, so even if the breakfast voucher fell off the table it would not ended up behind the headboard toward the middle of the bed. It wasn't until later that I remembered one of the stories on the Ghost Tour was that in Room 419, directly above our room, it is reported that items are moved or missing. 

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