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Sometime back in the mid to late 1980's a Bay Area Christian metalhead named Keven Crothers did what I consider to be the first podcast.  He would make a cassette tape in his little bedroom studio to be in a radio show type of format.  Included in the White Metal Show would be new songs off upcoming releases, metal news, demo tracks, chit-chat, a couple Bible verses, etc..  At first I believe the process was you sent in a couple bucks and he would mail you back a cassette tape copy of the show.  After a few shows it was switched to where you would send in your own cassette tape with a SASE, he would dub off the show, and send it back to you.  From there you would make copies and pass it along. Keven would advertise a specific time frame of when a particular show was available and then after that he would make the show "out of print". It started with advertising in Heaven's Metal Magazine, then later with White Throne Magazine.  There were a total of ten shows done.

Recently, I rummaged through the basement and found the first eight shows on tape.  I converted them to mp3 format and tried to clean up the sound, but with tapes that old, and those tapes being a copy of a copy from the original, I could only do so much.  The sound quality will also vary due to the original quality of the demo tapes themselves that Keven would put on the White Metal Show.  Obviously when he plays a Stryper or Saint song, the audio quality will be good while on the other hand a song from the Deliverance demo tape or some obscure band's demo will be all muffled and tinny.

If you were in the scene back then and remember this portion of White Metal history, then you're in for a treat.  Some of these bands will be nostalgic in a good way and some bands you will wonder who the heck they are or whatever happened to them. Nowadays Keven writes for White Throne Metal Reviews and hosts the Heaven's Metal Podcast continuing the tradition of letting us hear bands we may not have otherwise known about.

Thanks to Keith Hoerig of Five Iron Frenzy and The Hollyfelds, I was able to get the last two episodes. Looking back through my old copies of White Throne Magazine, Issue # 6 is the last one to advertise getting the White Metal Show # 10, so I think I have all the episodes here. Enjoy!

White Metal Show # 1 (60 minutes) - Download

Daniel Band – “Call His Name”, Barren Cross – “Dying Day”, Bloodgood – “Black Snake”, Neon Cross – “We Are The Children (Of Our Lord)”, Philadelphia – “Search and Destroy”, Leviticus – “He’s My Life”, Saint – “Warriors Of The Son”, Fast Forward – “Reach For Heaven”, Stryper – “Makes Me Wanna Sing”, Golgotha – “Prisoner”, Rez – “I Think You Know”, Jerusalem – “In His Majesty’s Service”, Zur Gabriel – “Standing In The Battleline”, Matrix – “Follow Your Heart”

White Metal Show # 2 (90 minutes) - Download

Tempest – “Upon The Wings Of The Godhead”, Darrell Mansfield – “Jesus Will Reign”, Leviticus – “Deborah and Barak”, Zur Gabriel – “Seven Thunders”, Rez – “Loves Comes Down”, Daniel Band – “Bethel”, Zion – “Rock For Eternity”, Saint – “Vicars Of Fate”, Believer - ???, Messiah Prophet Band – “Answer Our Call”, Barnabas – “Follow You Up”, Eternal Ryte – “In God We Trust”, Golgotha – “At The Foot Of The Cross”, 100% Proof - ???, Stryper – “C’Mon Rock”, Philadelphia – “Fast Track”, Barren Cross – “It’s All Come True”, Bloodgood – “Anguish And Pain”

White Metal Show # 3b (90 minutes) - Download

Chariot – “Constant Confusion”, Zur Gabriel – “Seven Thunders”, Zur Gabriel – “Standing In The Battleline”, Zelus – “Don’t Run Away”, Matrix – “To Make You Think It’s Real”, 100% Proof – “I’m Gonna Win”, Tempest – “Call To Evil”, Neon Cross – “Victory”, Leviticus – “On The Rock”, Believer – “The Fire Has Died”, Jerusalem – “Man Of The World”, Paragon – “Just Believe”, Messiah Prophet – “Heavy Metal Thunder”, Tempest – “Crucifix” (bass solo), Stryper – “From Wrong To Right”, TNK – “White Knights”, Bloodgood – “Battle Of The Flesh”

White Metal Show # 4 (90 minutes) - Download

Soldier – “Heart Of Stone”, Chariot – “Truth”, Bride – “Follow Your Heart”, Golgotha – “Prisoner”, Saint – “In The Night”, The Crucified – “Seal Number Four”, Valor – “Masquerade”, Barnabas – “Auschwitz 87”, Philadelphia – “Razor’s Edge”, Second Chance – “Money Mask”, Frontrunner – “Street Talk”, Crossforce – “Tomorrow Will Come”, Sword – “The Message”, Holy Right – “Stop Killing The Children”, TNK – “White Knights”, Messiah Prophet – “Master Of The Metal”, Neon Cross – “We Are The Children (Of Our Lord)”, The Almighties – “Ride To Heaven”

White Metal Show # 5 (90 minutes) - Download

Valor – “Masquerade”, Crossforce – “The Call”, Soldier – “King Of The City”, Believer – “Jesus Saves”, Second Chance – “Night Light”, Bride – “No Matter The Price”, Gardian – “Hyperdrive”, Crossforce – “Rock Until The Final Day”, Blairing Out – “Porno People”, Valor – “Burn”, Bloodgood – “Crucify”, Deliverance – “Attack”, The Crucified – “Seal Number Four”, Leviticus – “First And The Last”, Malachia – “Heaven Or Hell”, Soldier – “Heart Of Stone”, Contagious – “Jesus Is The Way”, Trytan – “Mr Electric”, Taker – “Open Your Heart”

White Metal Show # 6 (90 minutes) - Download

Vengeance – “Beheaded”, Tempest – “Curse God And Die”, The Lead – “Calling Out To You”, The Crucified – “Conviction”, Rage Of Angels – “Rock For The Rock”, Rage Of Angels – “Reason To Rock”, Believer – “Make Your Mind Up”, Neon Cross – “Victory”, Stevie & The Saints – “Don’t Knock The Rock”, Late News – “Horse And Rider”, Arsenal – “Reaching For The Truth”, Crossforce – “Wait And See”, Gardian – “Spiritual Warfare”, Majesty – “Look To Heaven”, Leviticus – “Elijah On Carmel”, Charizma – “The Knights”, Trytan – “It’s War”, Taker – “He Is The Light”, Divine Right – “Tongues Of Fire”, Holy Right – “Satan’s Lies”

White Metal Show # 7 (90 minutes) - Download

Soldier – “Louder Than Hell”, Shout – “Showdown”, Autumn Rose – “I Will Be There”, King’s X – “King”, Crossforce – “Heaven’s Door”, Stevie & The Saints – “Saints Boogie”, Whitecross – “Love On The Line”, Saint – “Star Pilot”, Bride – “Live To Die”, Jerusalem – “Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven”, Zion – “Roll The Rock”, Paradox – “Last Race”, Vengeance – “Fill This Place With Blood”, Deliverance – “Victory”, The Crucified – “Christian Punk”, Martyr – “KKK”, The Lead – “National Pride”, Believer – “Unite”, Deliverance – “J.I.G.”, Believer – “Show Your Love”, Soldier – “Borderline”, Blairing Out – “Shun The World”

White Metal Show # 8 (90 minutes) - Download

X-Sinner – “Medicine”, Valor – “Burn”, Armada – “But It’s Only Rock N Roll”, Revelation – “Children Of The City Nights”, Victory – “Hell On Wheels”, Bloodgood – “Heaven On Earth”, 100% Proof – “Backseat Driver”, The Lead – “No Religion”, Rage Of Angels – “Reason To Rock”, The Crucified – “Your Image”, Vigilance – “Revelation Of The Damned”, Xalt – “Looking Down A Loaded Gun”, Believer – “The Chosen”, Vengeance – “Human Sacrifice”, Double Edged – “Devil Destroyers”, Victory – “Revelation” (guitar solo), Stone Vengeance – “To Kill Evil”, X-Sinner – “Walking Evil”

White Metal Show # 9 (90 Minutes) - Download

Shout - "Borderline", Virginia Creeper - "Holding Out For The Big Guns", One Bad Pig - "Godarchy", Vengeance - "White Throne", Holy Soldier - "Lake Of Fire", REZ - "Silence Screams", Two Guys In Missouri, Empty Tomb - "Rabid Daddy", Tempest - "Curse God And Die", Daniel Band - "Never Again", Rob Castles - "Shoot It Straight", White Throne Regime, Ransom - "Sticks & Stones", Barnabas - "Never Felt Better", Rage Of Angels - "Hooked On A Good Thing", Seventh Seal - "Back On Track", Ezra - "March On Satan's Head", Valor - "The Flesh Is Weak", Soldier - "Deadly Weapons", Mercy - "Midnight In Your Eyes", Recon - "Light The Fire", Paradox - "I Just Want To Love You"

White Metal Show # 10 (90 Minutes) - Download

??? - "Stranger" (???), Armada - "Break The Chain", Trinity - "Believe In His Love", Zion - "Kick In The Gates", Darrell Mansfield - "No More Blues", Paradox - "Ruler", REZ - "Alter Of Pain", Emerald - Battle Ground", Kiga - "Good Time Tonight", Roger Martinez / Roger Martin interview from Hot Metal Summer II, Vengeance Rising - "Warfare", Deliverance - "Blood Of The Covenant", Thresher - "Totally Possessed", Believer - "Unite", The Crucifed - "A Guy In A Suit And The Pope", Retrace - "Fight The Night", Second Chance - "Night Light", Lust Control - "Dancing Naked"

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