Pittcore - 3 Song EP
13 minutes


1)  Operation Zero
2)  Feeble Mindset
3)  Less Blessed

Picked this disc up at a Dimmu Borgir show in Lawrence, KS last month.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to think about it.  Some chick was passing them out and gave me a copy.  Free promo CD??  Alrighty.  I’m thinking this is going be some suck-ass rap-metal thing, but was pleasantly surprised.  My only complaint is the muffled power yelling vocals.  Other than that, it’s quite tolerable. 

The verses to “Operation Zero” are the rapid delivery Slipknot type, except for the “open my cage and let the demons out” chant which is the kind that’ll get the crowd doing the jump-up-and-down thing.  “Feeble Mindset” is probably the heavy song of the disc, except when they slow down for the obligatory talking over mellow music.  After the space-guitar sounding part is over, it’s back into some slammin’ stuff.  The last song, “Less Blessed” is the mellow-but-gets-heavy serious song, which is half the CD timing in at over 6 minutes.  If they cut out some of the extended yelling here and there, this could probably get some radio play on some indie metal shows.  Hell, as far as I know they already do :) 

The Kansas City quintet plays decent enough material.  Fans of Mudvayne, Slipknot, or Korn should dig it.

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Operation Zero
Feeble Mindset
Less Blessed

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