Frost Like Ashes - Pure As The Blood Covered Snow
SOTD Records
25 minutes

Frost Like Ashes - Pure As The Blood Covered Snow

1)  Notions of Insanity
2)  A Cruel Verse
3)  Adorers of Blood
4)  After Forever
5)  Immortals (demo version)

Here it is folks.  The first official release from Frost Like Ashes.  It seemed like every other week, it was being delayed for one reason or another, but it's finally here, and was definitely worth the wait.  What we have here is four original songs and a cover track.  Let's dig in shall we.

"Notions of Insanity" is a nice and dark song to open with and almost reminds me of older Dimmu Borgir.  It plods along with some nice drumming and bass guitar.  I typically can't pick out the bass, but there's some good low end stuff here.Adonijah, Sebat, Syntyche, and Azahel  One minor complaint...occasionally while Adonijah's feet are flying, he loses it a couple times.  No biggie.  He's no Nick Barker...but then again who is?!?!

"After Forever" is a cover of the old Black Sabbath song.  It's played a little faster, but is pretty straight-forward.  Sure the vocals are all sorts of screechy, and tons of double bass are present, but if you're into this style and appreciate one of the originators of metal, you should like it.  A nice addition.

The other songs included on this EP are from the unreleased disc I reviewed a few months ago.  Check it out for more song information.  Those other songs are good too.  A full length will be in the works soon, so this should whet your appetite for that one.

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Notions of Insanity
After Forever

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