Frost Like Ashes - 4 song EP
20 minutes

Sebat, Adonijah, Syntyche, and Azahel

1)  Adorers of Blood
2)  A Cruel Verse
3)  Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
4)  Immortals

Kansas City isn't exactly known for it's metal scene, let alone it's black metal scene.  In that sense, this 4-song EP it quite groundbreaking.  This is an excellent example of what happens when bands break up, get back together again with a renewed musical vision, and exceed their prior efforts.  Two of the members came from local band, Possession, who had quite a following in their day.  Their material had a nice dark feel to it, and was a good combination of speed and death metal.  Frost Like Ashes only builds on that.  Gone are the King Diamond-esque vocals, and in are the trademark black metal shrieks and growls.  There is also the subtle use of keyboards.  This EP isn't available yet, but you can check out their site for more info on release dates.

"Adorers of Blood" is a pounding, mid-paced track that is the most reminiscent of Possession than any other song on the EP.  Parts of it are fast and heavy, then they kick into keyboard mode in the middle, and elsewhere throughout the song is a tambourine.  Yes, I said tambourine, but fear not.

"A Cruel Verse" starts out with a spoken word intro culminating in a echoing Cradle of Filth scream guaranteed to send chills down your spine.  Play this one for your dog and watch him freak out!  The song is total black metal.  Fast and furious is the mode for this one.

"Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" begins with a quaint little harpsichord intro, and soon breaks into an old traditional hymn, black metal style.  The slower parts almost remind me of Paramaecium complete with female vocals.  This is probably my favorite on the EP.

"Immortals" destroys and is a good mix of all the styles they incorporate.  Download it here or at their their site, and see for yourself.

The production isn't the best, but it's definitely listenable.  Not too bad for their first effort, and I'm looking forward to more material.  If you're into black metal, you will want to get this.  I can't wait for a live show.  I've heard good things are in store.

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