Extol - Paralysis
Endtime Productions
15 minutes

Extol - Paralysis

1)  Paralysis
2)  Your Beauty Divine
3)  Shadow of Death
4)  Human Frailtie's Grave

This is a quickie little 4 song EP.  Actually, it's more like 3 songs and a feedback intro...but you get the point.  Like I said, the intro is weird guitar feedback with high-hats and cymbals being ever so gently tapped culminating into a heavy jazz fusion type of vibe.  But a couple minutes later, the band kicks into what they do best with "Your Beauty Divine". Complex melodies, shredding riffs, and timing changes that would make the band formerly known as Believer proud.  Speaking of which, Extol covers Believer's, "Shadow of Death" from their 1989 classic, Extraction From Mortality.  Very cool.  That was always my favorite Believer song, so I'm rather pleased by their cover of it.  The song is pretty much spot on, with a slight difference in vocal stylings and a small section during the solo.  If you're familiar with the original version you'll notice the minor change right away.  Closing out the disc is "Human Frailtie's Grave".  I know, "frailtie's" is misspelled, but hey...they're Norwegian.  Give 'em a break!!   Anyways, this misspelled song (hehe) begins with a nice clean clean guitar with spoken word over the top of it.  Once again, they break into some rip-roaring speed metal with some killer riffs and such.  The vocals are all over the place.  Parts are sung  nice and clean, whereas others are all deathy, and then other times they are the black metal shrieks.

I think this is a Swedish only release, but the songs "Shadow of Death" and "Human Frailtie's Grave" appear on the Century Media version of their previous full-length, Undeceived.

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Your Beauty Divine
Shadow of Death
Human Frailtie's Grave

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