Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix
Earache Records
29 minutes

Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix

Disc 1
1)  Scars of the Crucifix
2)  Mad at God
3)  Conquered by Sodom
4)  Fuck Your God
5)  When Heaven Burns
6)  Enchanted Nightmare
7)  From Darkness Come
8)  Go Now Your Lord is Dead
9)  The Pentecostal

Disc 2 - 35 minute DVD
"Behind the Scars - Under the Skin of Deicide"

It’s been a couple years since their last less-than-spectacular effort In Torment In Hell release, and since that time the band has gotten on a new record label that still promotes death metal bands.  Not like Roadrunner doesn’t or anything…ahem…or even has any bands like that on the label…ahem.  I digress.  Deicide’s last two releases In Torment in Hell and the ridiculously titled Insineratehymn were listenable but still lacked that early magic that got me into the band to begin with.  Most obviously the layered vocal shrieks of Glen Benton, the cool speedy riffage of Brian and Eric Hoffman, and the killer drumming of drummer Steve Asheim.  I almost hate to say it but some of their recent tunes almost had a happy feel to them...and the Dark Lord surely wouldn't want that!!

Brian, Glen, Steve, and EricSo, with their new Scars of the Crucifix release, the band indicated they were going full throttle and this was going to be the heaviest shit ever.  That was said about their last two, so I took this bold declaration with a grain of salt.  When I picked up my copy (after two weeks of trying to find it in the stores), I eagerly popped it in the CD player and drove home with the new material blasting my ears out.  The riffs courtesy of the Hoffman brothers are heavy and catchy.  The blastbeats and double-bass drumming of Steve Asheim are back, and Glen is doing his trademark shrieks again coupled with guttural death gurgles.  And that’s just the opening title track!  Ah, just like the good ol’ days.  I’d say this would be a nice combination of Legion and Serpents of the Light.  In other words, it’s a vast improvement over their last two. 

As for lyrical content, it’s typical Deicide.  As if the song titles aren’t obvious enough, there’s lots of silly blasphemy and general hatred of all things Christian.  Ok Glen, we know you’re evil.  Really.  You’re evil.  The novelty wore off around 1992.  With that being said, the music kicks you right in your Satan-loving little balls.  Yes this is yet another Deicide release that’s under 30 minutes, but I don’t see Glen and company doing a 70 minute concept album with a 30 piece orchestra anytime soon…although the instrumental after the last track, “The Pentecostal” kind of took me by surprise (just let it disc play a few extra seconds).  I searched the liner notes for additional musicians, but no luck.  Whoever composed and played it surely deserved some credit.

My copy also came with a 35 minute DVD called “Behind the Scars – Under the Skin of Deicide” consisting of interviews during the recording process, brief snippets of concert footage, and wacky antics you expect from a band like this.  Glen is humorous, likes Harley Davidsons, and Jack Daniels.  Steve loves guns, guns, and more guns.  Brian shows off his tattoos, and Eric…hmmm…is just being natural I suppose.

If you just can't get enough musical blasphemy in your life, then Deicide will be certain to ensure your cup runneth over.

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