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They’re having a bit of a dust up in South Florida over some rather strong language used by school board member.  The board member, Judie Budnick, was talking to students and faculty at Plantation High School about some changes in attendance boundary lines.   Some of the students were concerned that the boundary changes would bring more low-income students into the school, thus lowering school achievement scores.

The students concerns are a bit self-centered, to be sure.  No argument there.  But just listen to what Ms. Budnick had to say to the students in her profanity-filled speech:

"Damn that person who truly is not an American. ... Damn that individual who thinks their tax dollar has greater weight than someone who is on welfare."

Hey, Ms. Budnick, I’m one of those people … one of those people you are damning.  You bet I’m carrying more weight than someone who is on welfare.  Much more.

In your ill-tempered little statement you have created two distinct groups of Americans for comparison to one another; those who pay income taxes and those who are on welfare.  So, since you’ve defined the groups, let’s talk about who is carrying what.

Do I think the net taxpayers carry greater weight than the net tax consumers?  You bet your leftist, egalitarian butt I do.  Why don’t you just tell me what weight the welfare class is carrying?  You can’t?  Well read on, I’m willing to help all I can?

Your precious welfare recipients are carrying the weight, though small, of those scratch-off instant game cards they’re so fond of buying with the change from their food stamps.

They’re carrying the weight of that pack of cigarettes in their over-stuffed purses. 

They also may well be carrying the weight of a hit or two of their favorite mind-altering drug and the necessary needles, bongs and pipes.

They’re usually carrying the weight of a cell phone and a pager, though who would want to page them or engage in extended conversation with them is somewhat of a mystery.

They carry the weight of the parings sheet for the local dog or horse track.

Your welfare parasites are carrying the weight of those pushbutton plunder cards … you know, the EBT cards they carry into the grocery stores that give them the amazing ability to push one button and in so doing cause some other far more productive American to pay for their groceries.

They also carry the weight, sometimes considerable, of their own bulk and that of whatever number of illegitimate children they may have.

Oh, and I’ll tell you what they’re NOT carrying.  They’re NOT carrying their own weight in our society.

Now … just how much weight are those evil taxpayers carrying?  Stop me when you’ve heard enough, Ms. Budnick.

First of all, they’re carrying the load for the welfare recipients.  The entire load,  All of it.  This would include feeding, educating and providing medical care for all those children they have with those different last names.

They’re carrying the load for all of the social welfare programs of not only the federal government, but all local governments as well.

The taxpayers are carrying the load for the expense of defending the United States from all foreign enemies.

The taxpayers are carrying the load for the cost of protecting America from further terrorist attacks.  They’re also footing the bill for finding and dealing with the terrorists who attacked our country on 9/11.

They’re carrying the load for the swimming pools, the parks and the recreation facilities that the welfare brood mares visit and enjoy with their unaffordable children.

They’re carrying the load for the charity hospitals and the emergency rooms that the welfare recipients and their pitiable children utilize – often for the most trivial of medical complaints.

They’re carrying the load for the welfare housing projects that have become breeding areas for violent crime in the nation’s cities.

They’re carrying the load for the hideous government schools that welfare mothers seem to use for nothing more than a glorified baby-sitting service.

The taxpayers are carrying the load for the highways and for the street corners where welfare recipients like to gather to complain about how unfair life in the United States is.

OK … let’s face it.  The taxpayers are carrying the financial load of the cost of the entire U.S. government, and of all local governments on their backs.  They’re also shouldering the responsibility of starting and nurturing the businesses that produce virtually all of the goods and services consumed by the useless class.  They do it all, Ms. Budnick.  Those taxpayers are even paying your probably-excessive salary.

Let’s just try this little test, Ms. Budnick.  If you really want to figure out which group is carrying the weight --- which group is more worthy – why don’t you tell us which group you could best do without?  What do you think, Ms. Budnick?  If one of these groups – the taxpayers or the welfare recipients – had to take a hike, which group would you chose?  Are those welfare recipients going to pay your salary?  Are they going to produce the goods and services you depend on?  Are they going to make sure your lights go on when you flip that switch and that there’s gas in the pump when you refuel your car?  Are they going to be there for you when you get ill?  Are they going to work ardently to produce some miracle drug that may well save your life a few years down the road?

I’m making you uncomfortable, aren’t I?  You know the truth, but your allegiance to the Gods of political correctness just won’t let you utter the truth.   In your own words, you want to damn the hard working Americans who actually think they have more value to society than the welfare class – all the while knowing that it’s the taxpayers, not the parasites, who keep this country afloat and your paychecks coming.

By the way, Ms. Budnick.  President Bush is proposing further overhauls in our welfare system; overhauls that would require even more welfare recipients to work – to actually carry some of their own weight.  I’m sure you’ll damn him for that. 

So, do I believe that the taxpayers are carrying more weight than the welfare class?  Your damned right I do, and that’s not expected to change until cigarettes are made of lead and lottery tickets are printed on bricks.

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