My Pictures of Wartime Torture and Abuse

I wasn't going to bring it up, because there are differing views of this issue from those good friends of mine who may stumble upon this page...but fuck it. It's not like that's stopped me from shooting off my mouth in the past, now has it??? :)

First off, a big American "FUCK YOU" goes to 60 Minutes for exercising journalistic integrity. It's not like those raghead camel fuckers in Iraq had reason enough to hate us to start with, now they're given even more ammunition (in addition to RPG's, roadside bombs, and 747's) to hate us. And given the fact that they have some of our guys, I'm sure they will use these pictures as an excuse to treat our guys even more harshly. But come to think of it, how much harshly can you be treated once you're taken hostage and have your head cut off? Or how much worse off can they possibly be once they mutilate your burned body, drag it though the streets, and hang it from a bridge?

I honestly could give less than a quarter of a damn about these pictures of that dominatrix looking MP chick smoking a cigarette while muggin' for the camera pointing at pixelated peniseseses, naked asseseses, and giving the thumbs up sign. I keep hearing words like "Torture" and "Abuse" tossed around. If there ARE cases of torture and abuse, then that's another issue. But just because the POW's are put in a gay pyramid pose, or wear women's clothes, doesn't mean they are being tortured. Humiliated? Maybe. Big deal. They'll get over it. Maybe we should have dropped a 500 lb bomb on their ass, and sent 'em to Allah to begin with.

So with all this in mind, I went through my stash of pictures taken when I was in Desert Storm. And oh my God...I found some pictures worthy of congressional hearings.

(click pictures to enlarge)

The laughing Marine and the defiant enemy.

Being brutally assaulted for no reason. Notice the fear in his eyes.

This is me being shoved against the wall in a not-all-nice manner. Ouch!

Throwing a 30 pound sandbag at someone when they are not expecting it, is very abusive.

This is abuse by proxy!!! You can't really see it, but that picture of Hussein had the eyes and mouth burned out with blistering hot cigarettes.

Here is a close up of aforementioned picture of Saddam.

Pure humiliation here. Nobody should be forced to have a bag on their head.

After making the guy bend over, it is only obvious that anal torture is about to happen.

This is me with an ass too close to my face. I'm still suffering from this traumatic experience.
Now aren't you just scarred for life after viewing those pictures of torture and abuse? I know I am...especially after that last one :)

A few responses I've received go like this:

- "I'm sure you'd be going ballistic if the same pictures were of American POWs being humiliated."

Ah yes, I'm sure this same group of people that drive trucks/bombs through buildings are concerned about the Geneva Convention in regards to American POW's. I'm assuming they only kill/torture American civilians (see above examples) and not the American POW's. I'm sure they treat them with the utmost respect that a soldier would treat a fellow soldier.

- "But somehow it's okay if it's someone else."

Ummmm, yeah. Allah forbid we make a terrorist look like the bad guy by making silly faces and pointing at their dicks.

- "John beats his 12 year old son bloody, but Billy rapes his 5 year old daughter. Makes John's behavior seem paltry, wouldn't you say?  Both John and Billy are wrong. By the same token, both these situations are wrong."

Ok, well Jimmy puts makeup on his 16 year old son. Comparatively speaking, Jimmy's a pretty good guy.

John and Billy are causing someone physical harm. That's bad.  
Jimmy is playing dress-up. That's a little weird, but hardly a crime.

Terrorists = John and Billy
U.S.A. = Jimmy

Obviously President Bush and all the big wigs had to apologize their little hearts out, because we want to look good in front of the world.  This is war people.  Are we expected to treat these animals with kid gloves?  They (the Iraqi POW's) were rounded up and are in their current situation because they tried to kill our guys.  What's next?  If we don't let them take a hot shower twice a day, will that be considered abuse?  If they have to eat MRE's all the time, is that abuse?  If they don't get the opportunity to sleep eight hours a day in king size bed in air conditioned quarters, are they being abused?

In my view, I don't see these pictures as abuse or torture.  How are these animals physically harmed by some 100 pound female MP laughing at their cocks?  It's not like they are going to mentally scarred.  They're already mentally fucked in the head, so how much worse can it get?  All I can say is if I was ever taken as a POW and taken behind enemy lines...I could only hope for this sort of "abuse" or "torture".  It's much more appealing than having my arms and legs broken, having my throat slit, or having my brains blown out on video.

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