Social Commentary

This is the area for transcribing things that I think need commenting on.  Topics are more than likely going to be a happy potpourri of ideas and observations rather than political thoughts and convictions.  Although chances are there will be that little area where the two will intersect.  So, just Click, Read, and Enjoy......

My Pictures of Wartime Torture and Abuse 
My view on the recent pictures of Iraqi POW's.

Who's Carrying the Load Here?
Although I didn't write this, it details how I feel about welfare leeches.  The "Talk Master" Neal Boortz always has a way of making things seem so common sense.  So...go have a few more babies, grab your cell phones, play your scratch-off lotto games, and read about who is carrying the load of the non-producers in society.

Speeding Tickets
I haven't been pulled over by a police officer in so long, I almost forgot how fun it was.

Just because you have nice things, does that make you successful.  Apparently, some of your friends may think so.

Goin' Down to South Park 
An essay I wrote about how the kids of South Park poke holes in the politically correct movement.

Leader of the Banned 
A biography essay I wrote about comedian, Sam Kinison.  A man who could offend most of society and be respected for it.

Who's To Blame? 
A rather opinionated piece I wrote about the violence in the media.  Who ever would have thought I'd agree with the ACLU.

Gays, Guinea Pigs, and Minstrel Shows 
My take on the folly of gay marriage.

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