Gays, Guinea Pigs, and Minstrel Shows

Gee, what happened to the good ol' days when the gay community reveled in being different? Rebelling against society by showing us how fruity they can be. Now I guess they're just complacent in blending in with the rest of the 95% of society (or whatever the figure of the week is), and are going to show us heterosexual folk how to make a marriage work.

Pretty soon they will be going to the same schools as us, drinking from our water fountains, sitting anywhere on the bus, and having government pass laws ensuring they don't get discriminated against. What's next on the list after marriage? Adopting? Enlisting in the military?

Ok, all sarcasm aside...does the gay community really enjoy being seen as the laughing stock in this issue? You're just pun intended. All you hear about on the news is hordes of homosexuals getting married in San Francisco, gay marriages taking place in Oregon, New York, and New Mexico. I  heard a news story a few weeks ago where a buttload (pun intended) of homosexuals were going to New York to get married, and if they aren't granted a license, then they're going to raise a ruckus.

If the truth be known, they can pretend they're married. It's like when you "played house" as a kid. You thought you were an adult. You acted like an adult. You dressed like an adult. You carried around Monopoly money like an adult. But you were basically there to amuse yourself and others around you. Why? Because you weren't an adult, but pretending to be was fun. Same thing with gay marriage. You may go before some city official, exchange gerbils, and say "I do", but it doesn't mean anything legally. The license is void. It's either illegal in states, or the law states a marriage is between a man and a woman. I guess I'm a little confused on why these City Officials aren't being put in jail for breaking the law, or at least fined. Something. Bill O'Reilly made a good point  on his show when he stated (paraphrased) if he was the Mayor of San Diego and started issuing licenses to carry guns in public, you know all hell would break loose. It's against the law to do so in California, but what if Mayor O'Reilly doesn't like the law, doesn't think it's fair, and continues to issue licenses to carry. All the gun control advocates would have million man marches to out the mayor for having no respect for the law of the land. This obviously doesn't apply to the gay marriage issue though.

What's so difficult to understand. So Earl and Hank love each other. Great. Gertrude and Bertha are a committed couple. Fantastic. Except for procreating, what can't they do that normal couples do in a marriage. Survivor benefits? Hospital visits? Inheritance? Civil unions solve those problems. And if President Bush and the rest of us right-wingers are so homophobic, why does he support civil unions? Not even a majority of the Democrat party, including their likely party nominee, John Kerry, supports gay marriage. If anything, that's an issue that side of the aisle will have to deal with. Democrat in-fighting is always fun to watch. Trying to see who can out-liberal the other.  Maybe the gay activists are trying to out-gay everyone else?  Maybe they don't really mind being the guinea pigs in this little experiment called gay marriage?  For them, it's all about civil rights and they place themselves on the same level as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  That's pretty offensive if you ask me.

You can't just take a term and try to make it applicable to your cause because you fit a few criteria. For instance, just because you've seen Full Metal Jacket doesn't make you a United States Marine. You can't tell your tax attorney that you're a homeowner even though you've rented the same house for the last 30 years and have paid the landlord 10 times over what the house's market value is. Marine and Homeowner are two titles that have distinct definitions. Same thing with marriage. It's the union between a man and a woman. Has been for a few years now, and isn't likely to be changed anytime soon.

It is amusing to see gay couples parading around like they really married though. It's humorous, because at the end of the day it's all a fake, a fraud, and illegitimate...but they think they're really married. It doesn't mean anything. I realize they're probably tired of bending over and want to make a stand, but this is just silly. Their actions and antics are the modern day equivalent of watching a minstrel show.

And finally, what's with the term "Gay Community"? It's not like there is some quaint little village outside of Pittsburgh with Barney Frank as the Mayor. Where exactly is this gay community? If it's San Francisco, then some have ran a long way from home. Best get back. It's almost dinnertime.  On the menu is Salty Dogs with a side order of Campbell's Thick 'n Creamy.  Hey, wait a second...THAT'S NOT SOUP!!!

Ok, I'm done ranting. I'm going to bed.

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