PC vs Mac

How many times have you heard Mac users get their digital panties in a bunch over how much superior they are over the PC users of the world?  I don't have fingers, toes, and testicles to count them on.  I can see one thing about the Mac that it may have over a PC.  Great graphics.  But then again, I have excellent graphics on my PC.  If you're into Desktop Publishing or doing some serious picture editing of that Britney Spears picture you download off the net, then by all means, stick with your precious little Macintosh and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!  I don't know a lot of PC users that go around spouting off about how great PC's are.  Another thing...if Mac is so much better than a PC, whey do they make up so little of the computer market?  Of course the standard reason is that mean evil Bill Gates' company, Microsoft, is a monopoly.  I tend to believe that maybe Bill Gates has a good thing going, and more people are buying his products because he puts out reasonably priced products that work good.  "But he bundles Internet Explorer with Windows.  I don't want to have to use that browser."  Awww...you poor little baby.  Use Netscape or Lynx instead.  Just because a product comes with a piece of software, doesn't mean you have to use it.  If you want to get picky about software that comes with the Windows O/S, then why don't you bitch about getting those neat little games like Minesweeper or FreeCell?  I suppose that Bill Gates has a monopoly in that field as well.  Is he supposed to offer you a discounted price on Windows for not putting Solitaire or Hearts on your system?  I couldn't get over people salivating at the prospect that Microsoft would be split up into two entities.  One would make operating systems and the other would produce software.  I imagine the rationale behind this was to alleviate Microsoft from making it's programs integrate easily with Windows.  The integration aspect of the software only makes sense to me.  If I owned  an automobile company, I would like to put out parts and accessories that actually worked with my brand of vehicle.  How's this for a scenario?  Microsoft is broken up into the two companies and suddenly they become the king of the hill in operating systems AND software.  Wouldn't that just piss people off?  Now instead of one big Microsoft, there are now TWO big Microsofts.  Given enough time, someone would to break them up again because they didn't want the Calculator in their Accessories folder, when they can use their trusty slide rule.  Here's even another scary scenario.  Gates is dragged into court, grilled and treated like a kid by lawyers.  What would happen if he just said, "Hey.  Fuck this.  I am now dissolving Microsoft.  Anyone that wants support, call your friends.  No more operating systems.  No more games.  No more utilities.  I'm so bloody rich, I'm going to go buy Liechtenstein and live happily ever after in the castles of yore.  Have a nice day."  What would people do then?  Sue him for quitting.  I seriously doubt Mr. Gates will be doing anything THAT drastic...but wouldn't it really hack off those people that are SO ANTI MICROSOFT?!?!  People need to stop being jealous little yee-atches.

If you're wondering, I do not work for Microsoft.  I just happen to be one of the millions of Windows users that is satisfied with the product.  I don't buy Microsoft products at the drop of a hat, or upgrade my O/S every time one comes out.  I'm ecstatic with the fact that I can walk in to the local computer store and easily find software for my PC.  I like not having to walk behind the store looking for the guy in the trench coat in order to buy Mac software.  It reminds me of going to the computer store in the 80's and trying to find software for my Commodore 128 in a world filled with Apple II software.  In the mid-80's The Commodore section used to be a couple aisles, but just a few years later, it was a tiny row on the bottom of a shelf in the back of the store.  Now the only place to get Commodore software is on Ebay.  But then again, why the hell are you using a Commodore in the year 2002?!?!?! 

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