My Political Journey


My political leanings would be best described as Conservative with a few Libertarian leanings.  I have sided with the Republican Party since 1984 when I was a mere 8th Grader and watching that election cycle.  That is when I started to take a look at the issues of the day such as taxes, defense, abortion, guns, and so on.  I can remember Ronald Reagan as a great President, who was very inspiring and had the conviction of his beliefs.  During my teenage years, I went through an idealistic phase where I felt sorry for the homeless, thought poverty should be a thing of the past, believed that nobody should go hungry, rich people had too much money, and that technology would be the end of civilization (nuclear war, industry, etc).  To say the least, I was a bit mixed up.  On one hand, I held conservative values, while at the same time I was sympathizing with leftwing causes.  That's what youth is for, but I grew out of that phase soon enough.  Don't get me wrong, it must be terrible to be homeless, but why is it up to tax payers to care for them.  They got themselves into the situation, they can get themselves out.  It may be a bit harsh to say that, but as long as people keep enabling the bum on the side of the road by giving them money, there will continue to still be a problem.  If these folks put half as much effort into looking for a job as they do badgering people for money, they may realize the first option is more respectable.  If non-profit organizations feel like giving harbor to these people, then good for them.  Do some panhandler a favor the next time you get harassed by one asking for money.  Offer to buy them a how fast they'll turn you down.  Enough back to our story.

I served under the original Bush/Cheney team  in 1989 while in the Marine Corps.  My last year in the service, I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan where Sunday night programming of AFRTS  included "The McLaughlin Group".  The barracks room would be full of inebriated Marines making fun of Eleanor "Rodham" Clift when she would spout her zany rhetoric.  We would have fun and shoot suction cup arrows at the television.  Always provided lots of laughs and entertainment.  But the laughs came to a brief pause, when William Jefferson Blythe Clinton (aka: Bubba) ascended to the Presidency.  It was twelve years since a Democrat (Jimmy Carter) was President, and I kind of remember the time...mainly for high inflation and the hostage crisis.  There was also a Democrat Congress, but I did my part in the 1994 elections to remedy that.  The 1996 elections was the first time I could get semi-involved in a Presidential election.  I followed the debates, watched all the news coverage, and attended the rally on the Independence Square when Bob Dole was on his 96 hour campaign.  But again to my dismay, Bubba was reelected.  So we had four more years of campaign finance scandals, blowjobs in the Oval Office, and Hillary.  Around this time, I started to take notice of a little known political party known as the Libertarians.  At first glance they seem a bit "free and loose", but they do make some good points.  I disagree with some of their stances, and they sometimes sound a bit like they've been smoking what they want to legalize.  Since politics is a numbers game, and the objective is to have more people than the other guy, I probably won't be voting Libertarian any time soon...unless the choice is between a Democrat and a Libertarian.  In 2000, it was that time again to start following both Republican and Democrat primaries, debates, conventions and all that.  Number one, I like hearing the candidate's stands on the issues.  Number two, it's fun to watch Democrats turn into their party mascot.  After much ballyhoo over the outcome of the 2000 elections, the Republicans have the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and some critics even say the Judicial Branch (even though it isn't a political entity).  A few months later, the Senate traded hands thanks to a liberal "Republican" who decided to switch parties.  Yeah yeah, he's not going to be voting any differently, but playing the numbers game, there's was a split Congress, and now the Democrats control the Senate by 1 vote.  I'm just waiting for Georgia Democrat, Zell Miller to switch parties, thus putting the GOP back in power.  It's almost like playing Othello. 

So, politics is ever-changing, important and your vote does count.  I also don't agree with this notion that high profile members of society try to pawn off as intellectual by saying "It doesn't matter who you vote for.  As long as you vote."  Fuck that!  I don't want Democrats to vote.  I want my guys in charge.  I don't want a split government.  Now for those on the opposite side of the political spectrum than me, who think I'm a bit crass concerning your political persuasion...admit it, you think the same about us. 

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