Elections, Arafat, and that Peterson Guy

Because everybody wants to know what I think, I'll do a quickie post on the same topics.

1. The elections - Ok Dems...it's been a fucking week and a half! Aren't you over it yet?! Damn. Buncha pussies, I swear. OH well. Keep boo-hoo'ing over Lurch and the Breck Girl, and my side will continue to win more seats in Congress, win the Presidency, win more Governorships, etc, while you babies continue to sulk. Just the fact that people are so deeply depressed over this thing is theriouthly beyond me. Sure, I can understand being all bummed out because your guy didn't win, but some of the drama I've seen is pathetic. The end of the world is coming, and Bush is appointing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalype to cabinet offices. Dorks.

2. Arafat is finally fucking dead. It's about time. For a while there, he reminded me of the peasant in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Y'know, the old man who kept insisting, "I'm not dead yet" as he's being carted off :) I'm lost on all the sympathy he has gotten. It's like he's a respectable human being or something. He was a terrorist, murderer, and downright evil man who brainwashed young Palestinians to blow themselves up and take a couple Jews with 'em. The guy was a piece of shit, and now he's a dead piece of shit. Good Riddance. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day and found this one to be pretty funny: "I understand that Hamas -- noted terrorist group with ties to the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, Hamas -- has vowed to have a 21-son salute in honor of Arafat. They're going to blow up 21 of their own sons in honor of Arafat."

3. Scott Peterson was found guilty. I thought with the recent removals and deadlock of the jury, he would go free. But I was proven wrong. Although the cynical bastard deep down inside me thought he got screwed on the 2nd Degree murder of his unborn son. After all, "it" wasn't a "person", so how can Scott be guilty of murdering something that's only a blob of cells? Since when is taking the "life" of a unborn child considered wrong? It happens every day across the country. It was only a fetus. No biggie.

Okay then...on that last note, remember ladies...since George W. Bush was reelected, Roe vs Wade is gonna get overturned soon. So, I suggest you commence to fucking and getting in a couple abortions before it becomes illegal and all. Exercise your right as a woman to have a baby sucked outta your womb!

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