Obligatory Election Stuff

It must be bedtime for all the kids on internet chat rooms and message boards who have been taking up bandwidth with all the whining over President Bush's reelection.

I won't turn this into some sort of treatise, but I'll just address a few things.

1 - Bush won the popular vote AND the electoral college, while Republicans GAINED seats in the House and Senate. So much for not having a mandate.

2 - Your vote counted. Just because you voted for Kerry and your state went for Bush doesn't mean your vote didn't count. It just means that more people voted the other way.

3 - If you don't like the way the election turned out, there's always a next time. But feel free to head north, even though Canada is saying

4 - In case you happen to be a rich liberal, feel free to pay more in taxes. You don't have to, but I'm sure you'll do the right thing even though Bush is cutting everyone's taxes.

5 - If you are old enough and adult enough to vote, then be old enough and adult enough to accept defeat.


Instead of whining, do what us Republicans did in 1994 after we lost the White House in 1992. On second thought, don't do that. Please continue to piss & moan, so I can get a laugh out of your childish attitude.

I'm not gloating over the fact that President Bush was reelected, or the Republicans increased their majority in the House and Senate. Sure, I'm all sorts of ecstatic this was the outcome of last night's elections, but I'm not shoving our historic wins/gains in your face. I'm also not here to "reach out" to the Democrats and unite either. WTF? I'm not watering down my beliefs on abortion / taxes / gun control / national defense in the name of unity.

With that said, quit your bitching. The country isn't going to hell, despite what Teresa Heinz-Kerry says. The earth isn't gonna burn because of environmental policies. Blacks aren't going to be beaten by cops on a daily basis or put into death camps. Because we're not taxing the rich, people aren't going to die due to healthcare issues. Because the Assault Weapons Ban is in no rush to be extended, terrorists aren't going to go out en masse to gun shows to buy weapons.

I could go on and on, but doing the random blog thing, you'd swear the next four years are going to be some form of a doom and gloom, death filled, armageddon holocaust. With attitudes like that, it's no wonder the Democrat party lost the past two elections, and still haven't recovered from the 1994 Republican takeover of the House and Senate. I was for sure that 2002 was going to be the big year for payback. We didn't lose any seats. And this election, even though I was confident my President would win, I didn't think we win more than just a couple of important Senate seats. We definitely kicked ass on that one though.

Here's to four more years of watching out-of-power liberals squirm. Cheer up, guys. Theriouthly.

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