Give 'em the Dubya

DubyaAfter voting, I stopped by the local Sonic for a bacon/egg/cheese toaster combo and drove around a little. It was when I passed a fairly busy intersection that I spied people on the corners with "Kerry/Edwards" signs waving to passer-byerererers. So I rolled down my window and flashed the 3-Finger Dubya salute. That's when they gave me that "I just sucked on a lemon" look. hahahahaha

fun fun fun :)

Also while cruising, I noticed a shitload of "Bush/Cheney" signs everywhere. It's like they just popped up in the past couple days. Haven't seen a lot of signs or bumperstickers supporting the Democrat candidates, but there are quite a few for the Republican candidates. Which is really pretty good considering I live in one of the few counties in Missouri that actually went for Albert Gore in 2000. Jackson county is a very Democrat county, although maybe not this year due to redistricting. But it's still leans Democrat.

I did see something that kinda made me chuckle....although I'm sure some of you may find my thinking offensive. It was a pickup truck with a "Kerry/Edwards" and "Impeach Bush" bumpersticker ALONG WITH a big yellow ribbon sticker that read "Support Our Troops". ummmmm, did I miss something??? Yeah, when I think of big supporters of our military, the first guy to pop into my head is Jean Francois Kerry . I'd like to kick HIM in the nuts, in the fashion of Ghenghis Khan.

It's like that recent Democrat ad with the eagle and the ostrich, that suggested the eagle soars high and the ostrich avoids situations by sticking its head in the sand. For whatever reason, Kerry was supposed be the eagle, and Bush was the ostrich. I remember hearing about a survey where people seeing the ad would have associated the eagle with Bush, and the ostrich with Kerry as opposed to the other way around. Whoever did that ad was probably fired, or hired on with CNN as a political hack.

So today, when you see the Democrats doing whatever Democrats do (besides whining, getting abortions, and wanting other people's money)...


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