Al Gore Reminds Me To Vote

Tell me this isn't pathetic. It's almost sad when you think about it. I got this on my answering machine. Man, I tell y'all...this man really has a hard-on for the 2000 elections. You'd think after four years, 50 lbs and a beard later, he'd let it slide. Maybe he should have gotten the lead part in The Grudge.


ps, thanks Al for reminding me to go out and exercise my right to vote. And thanks for reminding us Missourians about "what happened in Saint Louis". Where they kept the polling places open late...but only in a heavily Democrat county. While the rest of Missouri polls were closed at 7:00 PM, Saint Louis stayed open until 10:00 PM if I recall correctly. Gotta give those Democrats a couple extra hours to vote. Of course we all know how difficult punch card ballots are, and how they were designed to fool minorities and old people. Supposedly the polls were ORDERED by the election board to stay open late because of the lines of people that wanted to vote. I guess being open at 6:00 in the morning and closing at 7:00 at night doesn't give them enough time. Maybe if all the welfare recipients would get up before fucking NOON, they'd have plenty of time to go vote for the candidate that will continue to give them my money.

On that note, I'm off to vote. Hey cool, that rhymed :)

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