Commander in Chief

Oh good grief. Here we go again.  The assumption that if a President never served in combat, then he shouldn't send troops into harm's way.  And how dare he extend their time over in Iraq.  The way I see it is if you get extended in a war...too bad. That's how shit works in the military. As a former Marine, anytime I got pissy with something that came down from "the top", some old salty Master Gunnery Sergeant would point to the USMC iron-on on my cammies and say, "You know what that stands for? U Signed the Motherfucking Contract!"  Was I happy when our Battalion kept getting delayed in returning from Saudi Arabia back in 1991?  Obviously not.  You simply shut your mouth and deal with it.  Smile, salute, and say "Yes Sir".

Another dumbass argument is that the President of the United States should be serving on the front lines.  I can't think of any President right off-hand that has served on the front lines of a war AS the POTUS, so both of these notions are a bit disingenuous. If that was the case, President Clinton should have avoided the use of force when he sent troops around the globe. It's not like he served honorably in Vietnam and turned into an anti-war pussy like Kerry. Clinton actively avoided and dodged the draft, while protesting on foreign soil. But I guess Clinton gets a pass from the left in this country. Regardless, the President IS the Commander In Chief of our Armed Forces no matter if you agree with him. We do what he says. Simple as that.  I enlisted under Reagan, and served under Bush and Clinton.  Not a big fan of the latter, but that didn't matter.  He was our Commander in Chief and we did what he said.  Even though he thought of the military as his little social experiment.

John Kerry served honorably, and George W. Bush served honorably. End of story. Serving in the military during wartime isn't exactly the only reason to elect someone President, as John Kerry seems to think. I was over in the land of sand during Operation Desert Storm, but I seriously doubt you think I'd make a great Commander In Chief.

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