Will the Real Liberals Please Stand Up

Just a quick note on my impression of the Democrat Convention. Who put the valium in the drinking water?

Good Lord. Suddenly these guys/gals are all nice and mild mannered. Granted they had to have their speeches approved by the powers that be to ensure there was none of these politicians favorite pastime, Bush Bashing. But, I've seen these people make speeches in recent months and the big wigs of the Democrat Party appear high strung, angry, and downright vicious.

Speeches that stand out from the Democrat Convention are Al Gore, Mr and Mrs Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Howard Dean. They were WAAAAY toned down in their rhetoric. And concerning Howard Dean, his reception by the audience was so uproarious and loud, that you would think HE was the Democrat nominee for President (too bad he's not...hehe). And once again, even the good doctor was all calm, cool, and collected. Sure what he said was typical leftwing claptrap, but that's just the expected side effects of being a Liberal.

And earlier, Senator Teddy Kennedy was talking about a stronger America. I think he meant a stronger VODKA, because he was all sedated and didn't launch into his typical Bush hating tirade.

Like Mr. Newt Gingrich said on "Hannity & Butthead" earlier, the Halloween masks have to come off sometime soon.

DOAH!! So much for my "quick note" :)

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