The Ketchup Lady Speaketh

Oh sweet Joseph Smith riding a chuckwagon! People give President Bush a hard time about his speaking style?? I'm on the verge of hypnosis listening to Teresa "Shove It" Heinz-Kerry. Her speech is like pouring a bottle of her takes forever and little to nothing comes out.  She may not be mispronounciating any words, but she's about as exciting as a dead prostitute floating in the Missouri River.  Believe me, that's not that exciting.

But I guess I can't say anything nasty about her, or else I'll be accused of Hate Speech. After all, she is an African-American.

There she goes, bringing it up again...Vietnam.  DID YOU KNOW THAT JOHN KERRY FOUGHT IN VIETNAM? Yeah and apparently it didn't mean shit to him to come back stateside, leave his troops over there, diminish the war effort by becoming a protestor, make outrageous statements concerning our troops, and tossing his medals over the White House fence!! Fucking bastard!

I'm not bitter though. God for-fucking-bid he's elected.

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