Fun With Democrats

While watching my nightly viewing of "Special Report w/ Brit Hume", I was having fun at Jon's expense. There was some left-vs-right jibba jabba going on and Jon started rooting for the liberal in the argument on television. Something about John Edwards and his voting record and his liberal views on the issues. "What issues is he liberal on?!?!?!" I start listing things like he's for banning "assault rifles", he's pro-choice, he voted against the partial birth abortion ban, he voted for the war in Iraq but didn't vote to fund it, he against oil exploration in ANWR, he's for rolling back the Bush tax cuts, he's against privatization of Social Security, he's for affirmative action, he's for "hate crime" legislation, he's for gays serving openly in the military, etc. So, Jon gets flustered and is like..."I was talking to him" (points at television)...hehe

Because he moved back to KC from DC, he made mention that he needs to get his voter registration changed. The conversation went something like this:

Jon: Now that I'm back in Missouri, I need to change my voter registration.
Me: Why? You're voting Democrat, right?
Jon: Yeah. Why?
Me: In Missouri, you aren't obligated to register if you are voting Democrat.
Jon: Really? *pauses a few seconds* Oh, shut up!!!
Me: Also, you guys vote on November 3rd along with the Libertarian Party.
Jon: Oh fuck you!!

But I think he's getting me back. The other day I got mail from the DNC addressed to me. Now I've been a supporting member of the Republican Party and NRA since 1996, and get my weekly barrage of campaign letters requesting $$$ from the coalition of the vast right-wing conspiracy. I don't recall ever receiving any letters from the DNC requesting campaign contributions in that time span (1996-present). Well except for a letter containing an "I'm Still With Mel" button back in the fall of 2000. Long story. If you're not from Missouri, don't ask.

So help me, if Jon put me on the Democrat Party's mailing list...

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