Kerry / Edwards 2004

Now that it's official, I'm wonder how long it will take before I get sick and fucking tired of the following phrases:

"Back when I was Vietnam" and "I was a son of a millworker"

Do you realize that John Kerry has the # 1 most liberal voting record in the Senate, and John Edwards has the # 4 most liberal voting record in the Senate?? Who would ever think that the two candidates running for the Democrat Party are to the LEFT of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy?!?!

This should be fun, but I just can't see what Mr Trial Lawyer brings to the ticket, except that he can bring in the female and the gay vote. It's not like he's going to help Kerry win any states in the South.  I seriously doubt he'll bring in the Carolinas. Rumor control has it that John Edwards wouldn't have been reelected anyway. He didn't even win his own state in the Democrat Primary. He only won his home state of South Carolina in that contest, but South Carolina is hardly a big Democrat bastion (57% Bush - 41% Gore in
2000 ELECTION) that scenario isn't too likely.

For all sorts of goodies involving the Breck Girl, I mean John Edwards, click the link. Beware though, it's put out by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy :)

Here's a personal favorite:

Kerry Attacked Edwards’ Experience. “‘I think the American people want an experienced hand at the helm of state,’ said Kerry, who has spent 19 years in the Senate compared with Edwards’ five. ‘This is not the time for on-the-job training in the White House on national security issues.’” (Mark Z. Barabak, “Diverse States May Reshape The Democratic Race Today,” Los Angeles Times, 2/3/04)

The VP is pretty much for window dressing, presiding over the Senate and casting the tie-breaking votes, and being the attack dog so the President looks good. And stepping up to replace the President if, God forbid, something happens. People don't vote for the VP anyways.

I wrote this because I thought it was funny. Most politicians do this during the Primary season. Talk shit about each other, but in the end, they kiss and make up. And in the Kerry/Edwards case, there may be a bit more than just kissing. *brownchickenbrownbrown*

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