Don't Give Us A Reason

While listening to this Hank Williams Jr. CD, "America, The Way I See It", it kinda made me realize how much opinions can change in a few years. For instance, it seemed like everyone was behind the first Gulf War. After thoroughly kicking some ass, we didn't go in Baghdad and remove Saddam. America was all up in arms at the time why we didn't remove Saddam when we had the chance. As such we've dealt with that fucker killing his own people who rose up against him. We've dealt with him shooting at our planes. We've dealt with 17 United Nations resolutions, that he never complied with. We've dealt with him involving the infamous WMD's that he claimed not to have. Unfortunately, he never accounted for all the millions of tons/gallons/whatever, and as far as the world knew, he still had them. Hell, even the Frogs, Krauts, and Russkies said he had them. Bill and Hillary said he had them. John Kerry said he had them. The list goes on and on. The question still remains...if they are not in Iraq, where the fuck are they?!?! Saddam really played the world's shittiest poker hand on that deal didn't he :)

Twelve years later, we actually do remove Saddam Hussein and his murderous regime from power, and the libs are all fit to be tied. Now it's like this country has turned into a bunch of little anti-war pussies. I shudder to think what this world would be like if the bleeding hearts of today existed back in WWII...after all, Adolf Hitler and the NAZI's didn't attack America, it was the Japanese. They weren't an imminent threat to our country. What right did we have to go to war with them and invade a sovereign country???

Anyways, even if you're not a fan of country music, but are of a conservative bent, you should appreciate this CD. Click the links for sound clips...

Don't Give Us A Reason (recorded during the first Gulf War, but is still applicable)


Hank Williams Jr. - America, The Way I See It

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