I think it's official. I'm seriously considering disavowing myself from keeping up with Libertarian politics.

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With all due respect to my good buddy Al...Harry Browne's off his rocker. Oh well. God bless ya, Al...but Libertarians in recent years are really starting to get on my nerves. I've tolerated their antics in the past, but now they've just gotten silly. Reagan is one of the worst Presidents??? How could we have possibly supported Saddam Hussein and the Mujahadeen in the 80's? It's our fault that terrorists don't like us? Outspending the Soviet Union in defense isn't what brought an end to the Evil Empire??? It's an amusing read, but that's about it.

They're beginning to sound like the right-wingers in the early Clinton years...conspiracy nuts and kooks. I thought the same thing about my kook side of the aisle who were putting out videos saying Clinton was a drug runner and had people killed while Governor of Arkansas. Libertarians are almost laughable at times. Oh yeah, that whole Patriot Act is giving Bush and Ashcroft free reign into your privacy. Civil Rights and Privacy Rights are being violated left and right now. Freedom of Speech is now a thing of the past. That must be why Michael Moore's new propaganda movie is all the buzz, because Bush and Ashcroft aren't letting him. huh, boy that didn't make much sense did it :)

They would rather not support a major political party that is closer to their ideals such as the Republicans, and give Democrats a better chance at winning elections, than to jump aboard and work at defeating what annoys them. But of course, to your average Libertarian, there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Yep, George W. Bush and John F'ing Kerry are pretty much the same thing.

Why can't more Libertarians appear to be more serious and act more like respected leaders, as opposed to the crazy uncle at the family reunion?? Given their dislike of President Bush, I would wager to guess they would not want to see Liberal Democrat John Kerry elected, but apparently I'm wrong. Because if he is, God forbid, they will spend the next 4 years complaining about how much government spending has grown. Sure, it's gone up with President Bush, and I'm annoyed with certain programs, but imagine how much it's gonna shoot up with nationalized healthcare and reversing the Bush tax cut.

Libertarians are starting to sound like the hardcore leftists/liberals/democrats/etc in terms of domestic and international policy. I think that if it were up to these guys, until terrorists blow up trains, shopping malls, and apartment buildings on American soil, we have no right to go kill them on their own turf. Ok, I'm gonna stop now before I strangle a mollusk....*goes for a smoke*

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