John Kerry's Important Senate Vote...not meaning jack shit

John F'ing Kerry was so ticked off recently during a campaign rally that he referred to himself in the third person. It seems that the rascally Republicans wouldn't let him vote on a bill to increase veterans benefits. But don't they know who he is?? He's John F'ing Kerry!! He served in Vietnam!! He's a decorated war hero!! Why, he cancelled a half million $$$ fundraiser to show up and vote, and the vast right wing conspiracy kept delaying the vote until he left town.

But what you didn't hear is that John F'ing Kerry has missed 89% of his Senate votes this year because he's out on the campaign trail. Back in 1996, Bob Dole (who also likes to talk in the third person...hehe) made it back to vote 92% of the time, and back in 2000, Joe Lieberman made it back to vote 80% of the time. John F'ing Kerry has found time to vote a whopping 11% of the time.

Also, I think he was making a big deal about this vote because it involved veterans, and even though he is a veteran, his post-Vietnam antics of being a pussy protestor and tossing his medals (supposedly) on the White House lawn, doesn't earn him many points with us who have served. Perhaps he's trying to gain favor with us. One, I don't vote for hippy war protestors. Two, his missed vote didn't matter a hill of beans anyways, because the bill squeeeaaaked by with 97 votes FOR and 0 votes AGAINST. This is in contrast to last month when John F'ing Kerry didn't show up for a Senate vote to extend unemployment benefits, and the bill lost by ONE VOTE because Kerry was in Kansas commemorating Brown vs Board of Education.

Getting back to JFK not being allowed to the Senate's supposed to schedule their daily agenda to fit his arrival into the Capitol? Sure, they're playing politics and kept bumping up the vote so Kerry would miss it. Lemme get this straight. Senator Kerry is peeved because he's not allowed to vote? Anything like the Democrats holding up votes on President Bush's judicial nominees?

btw, did you know that John Kerry served in Vietnam??

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