The Gipper is Gone

This morning I hear President Reagan's health is not good and it could be weeks before he passed away. Then 6 hours later I wake to news that Ronald Reagan died. It was because of him that I got interested in politics to begin with. It was under Ronald Reagan that I enlisted in the Marine Corps. It was him that made me damn proud to be an American. It's probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone on my Friends List, but Ronnie was my favorite President.

Ronaldus Magnus will be missed by all. Well maybe not "all", but most God-fearing and Patriotic Americans will miss him...(place minor political sarcastic jab here)

God Bless Ronald Reagan and
God Bless America

Looks like the Liberals don't have you to kick around any more. Hell, you stood up to the Soviet Union and dealt with worse than the likes of Kerry, Kennedy, Carville, and Begala, and . Those guys are child's play.

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