We Don't Need No Steeeenking Shrines

Oh good grief. Once again, we're the bad guys for shooting a shrine. Maybe if Al Sadr's armed rug pilots wouldn't be hiding in them shooting at us, maybe we wouldn't be hitting them...hmmmm...what a concept. And being all politically correct, we're trying to avoid shooting them.

And another another thing. Why is it that every mosque is a "holy shrine"? And what's with all these towns in Iraq being called the "Holy city of..." wherever. They have too many holy cities. Just because some revered Muslim took a dump on a hill back in 1435, does that qualify it to be a holy city? Apparently it does.

Sometimes I just wish we would pull out, turn the place 20,000 degrees, and start over. But we can't do that. Why? Because all that oil would go to waste :)


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