John Kerry and Gas

One more reason I love the Fox News Channel:

They just had a segment with John Kerry talking about rising gas prices, and how the Bush Administration needs to tap the strategic oil reserve in order to bring prices down. Then in the tradition of being fair and balanced, the reporter (Carl Cameron) pointed out how back when gas prices soared back in 2000, John Kerry said that using the strategic oil reserve would be ineffective, something that the Bush Administration agrees with concerning the present situation. It was also pointed out that Senator Kerry supported a 50 cent gas tax, and voted 10 times to raise the gas taxes while in the Senate.

Alrighty, here's the numbers. The strategic oil reserve is 700,000,000 barrels. Releasing 30,000,000 barrels, as suggested by Democrat leaders, would only bring down the price of gas about a whole penny. Real smart. Let's use up our oil reserves to save a couple cents per gallon, so that when we REALLY need it, we'll be fucked over by the Saudis. Oh wait. I forgot. We invaded Iraq for oil. If that's the case, why is gas over $2.00/gallon? Maybe Dick Cheney and Halliburton haven't given the go ahead to ship over that Iraqi oil yet :)

Looks like it's time to kick those caribou out of ANWAR, and start drilling for oil in Alaska. Pristine environment, my ass. More like icy wasteland WITH OIL!!!!

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