Nick Berg Video

I'm sure most of you have heard and/or seen the video of Nick Berg being beheaded by these Islam extremists. I have put the entire 5 minute video on my site. It's approximately 6 Mb long, so it could take awhile for you dial-up people. Most of the video is (allegedly) Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (one of Bin Ladin's people) reading a statement, then American civilian Nick Berg is violently beheaded over the next minute. It's obviously longer, because the timer on the video skips forward, so who knows how long he had to endure his head literally being sawed off.

It is way more graphic than the Daniel Pearl video. It contains sound, although it out of synch with the video. If you want to see the type of enemy we are up against in the war on terror, then click the link. I warn you though, it is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. If you are the least bit squeamish and do not wish to see a human being slowly decapitated, then DO NOT click. Even a hardcore gorehound like myself felt sick to my stomach.

hmmm...let's see: Wearing a hood over your head and being laughed at OR what is behind the above link? Boy, I sure hope that when we catch these murderers, they aren't forced to wear women's clothes. After all, that would be a war atrocity.

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