Maybe if Terri Shiavo Was a Dolphin

I found this tonight and I'm amazed. I guess to the animal rights crowd, dolphins deserve to live more than humans. Because of laws and courts, if you're a human, handicapped, defenseless, or not even born yet, then you're pretty much fucked. Perhaps if you had a blowhole and could do neat tricks you'd have a chance. And because these dolphins didn't have it in writing, how can we as human beings take it upon ourselves to assume they would want to live, thus keeping them alive. No dolphin would want to live that way!

Here's a few quotes that really stand out when compared to the Terri Shiavo killing:

"Volunteers in wet suits used feeding tubes to hydrate the most vulnerable and fed fish to those able to swim"

"The sound of those in struggle was that of tiny squeaks and labored breathing"

"People came down because they care. These creatures are in trouble."

"Scientists have not ruled out the possibility of euthanizing those in severe pain"

This was back in March, so I think it's ironic that while they're feeding and hydrating Flipper, they are starving and dehydrating Terri.

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