Wartime Semantics

Here's the story:


Here's the funny part of the story:

With Marine forces pinned down, the military dropped two precision-guided 500-pound bombs on the walls of the mosque and fired a Hellfire missile. A Marine source said that "we specifically did not target the mosque."

hehehe...when you think aboot it, you don't really have to drop two 500 pound bombs ON a mosque in order to do damage. Just drop it a little high and to the right. That'll do the trick. It's like the Geneva Convention and saying that you can't target a human being with a 50 caliber machine gun. Ok...so you just aim at their utility belt, be a little off the mark and blow their chest out their back!!!

Note to terrorists. If you shoot at us, then run inside a mosque...be sure to huddle against some strong supporting pillars so when the house of Allah falls on your ass, you'll be safe. Unless the explosive blast kills you, then scrap that plan. But you can die in the knowledge that we did not specifically target the mosque. We were aiming for the sidewalk leading up to the door, but NOT the mosque. That would be wrong :)

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