The Widow Carnahan

I saw something rather odd this evening on the way to work. I saw campaign signs for Jean Carnahan near 23rd Street and I-435. For you locals, they're a block east of there at the entrance to that gas station that nobody can see from the road. Anyhoooo, I just found these signs strange. For starters, she LOST the Democrat Party a Senate seat back in 2002 running against Republican Jim Talent. And unless I'm mistaken, she's not running this time around against Christopher "Kit" Bond.

For the uninformed, there's an interesting backstory to this Carnahan deal. Back during the 2000 elections, her husband Mel Carnahan was running for Senate against John Ashcroft. Governor Carnahan's plane crashed near St Louis and everyone aboard the little puddle jumper was killed. His name was still on the ballot though. Now believe it or not, the good State of Missouri actually elected a DEAD GUY back in 2000. To fill the spot, the acting Governor appointed Mel's wife, Jean Carnahan to fill his spot until special elections could be held in 2002 (which she lost to Jim Talent).

All the Democrats thought that was the end to John Ashcroft's political career. After all, he did lose to a dead guy. But soon enough, it all pans out. He probably could have contested the Senate race, but didn't out of respect for the widow Carnahan. But just a couple months later, President Bush appoints John Ashcroft to be the Attorney General!!!! As much as libs fear Ashcroft as Attorney General, I bet they wish he was just a Senator from Missouri.


But the question still remains...who the hell put up a Carnahan for Senate sign?? A big 10 footer at that!!

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