Thank You, John McCain

Am I the only political junkie that thinks these new campaign finance reform laws are totally gay?

"This is George W. Bush, and I approve this ad."

DUH!!! It's HIS ad!

Same thing with John F'ing Kerry. I'm sure he feels like a complete ass having to say he approves his own ads too. Sheesh! I guess these new regulations mandate this little phrase to prevent negative ads. Awwwww, big boys can't handle a negative ad or two? And since when is saying your opponent is going to raise taxes considered a nasty "negative ad". Cowboy the fuck up!

I'm surprised Democrats even voted for this thing. Isn't it obvious that this helps President Bush? If they can't mention his name 60 days prior to an election, he could get away with all sorts of stuff! And for the ban on soft money, this is another big winner for the Republicans. Except for $2500 contributions from the Hollywood crowd for Democrats, I would imagine Republicans wouldn't have much trouble coming up with that kind of money. I don't see the Democrat demographic of welfare recipients, minorities, single moms, and union thugs shelling out $2500 to support a candidate.

I'm even MORE surprised that President Bush even signed this. Yeah, he was probably hoping the Supreme Court would find it unconstitutional, but that didn't happen.

This is Patrick, and I approve this article.

bah, I'm going to bed...zzzzzzz

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