33 Years of Legalized Murder

Big shock, I'm anti-abortion. I am against a woman's right to kill choose. Whatever you want to call me. So, I posted these last year in a political message board community and caught shit from it. Especially from the Nonpersons graphic comparing abortion to slavery and the holocaust.  I suppose when the issue of abortion is framed with "real atrocities", then it's in bad taste. This is my thoughts on Roe vs Wade. This is one issue I am not flexible on. I take this issue personally. This is also a major reason I could never vote for a Democrat. If you're offended, I am not sorry.

If I ever get married, I would consider adoption. That's infinitely a better option that abortion for selfish reasons. I'm not talking rape/incest which such a low percentage of abortions, it's not even worth talking about.  As for the infamous back-alley abortions, perhaps I'm just jaded enough on the topic, that if a woman doesn't have enough respect for the life of her baby, then she doesn't have enough respect for her own life.

btw, if RvW gets overturned, that just means that it goes back to the states, instead of a federal level. It's a 10th Amendment argument, which I would agree with. And if a state would decide to ban abortion, so be it. I'm sure if someone is hellbent on taking a life, they'll find a way though.

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