Smoking Rant

Kamel RedsY'know, I was gonna quit smoking this year...but those stupid fucking television commercials really piss me off. First off, for those of you that don't know, I smoke. I have a few a day...literally. Maybe 3 or 4. I go through MAYBE 2 packs a week. When Chris lived here, he'd always give me shit saying, "You have like 2 cigarettes a day...why even bother?". Of course, he's a 10 pack a day kinda guy *cough cough wheeeeze* :)

Also, if I quit smoking I'd only be saving a whopping $30 a month or something. If I smoked a carton a week, I can see quitting or at least cutting WAAAAAY the fuck down due to saving a lot of $$$ and the health factor. But as much as I do it...feh. Is it healthy? No. Is it relaxing? Yes. Everything in moderation I say. That new Hardee's Monster Burger isn't exactly healthy, but having one every once in a while won't kill you.

My grandma and grandpa both died of cancer in their 60's. She smoked 2 cartons of Marlboro Reds every week. He smoked pipes. Perhaps the AMOUNT of tobacco smoked had a bit to do with those conditions and their eventual death. And unlike those commercials, I'm not bitching and moaning how someone in my family died because of their product. It was a choice they made. My mom died of cancer at age 45, and it was non-smoking related. She ate healthy, and did all the right stuff. But I'm sure someone will claim it was because she was raised around second-hand smoke. Bullshit! I was raised around it, and I'm fine.

Now the big thing happening in cities is banning smoking in public places. Okay I can see not smoking in the local supermarket or library...but banning smoking in a BAR!!! It's a FUCKING BAR!!! You don't go there to engage in healthy activity. You go there to hurt your liver and have a good time doing it. So the waitress bitches aboot working in that environment and smelling smoke all day. Big deal. If it irritates you so damn much, then quit. And the whole issue of banning smoking in restaurants is annoying. You know what? If you don't want to smell mean nasty evil cigarette smoke...FUCK YOU! Move on down the road to a restaurant that doesn't allow smoking. Personally, I don't smoke in restaurants. No reason why, I just don't. At a bar, that's a different story.

Fucking hippies piss me off. Whiny non-smokers piss me off. Annoying ex-smokers that turn into anti-smoking Nazis piss me off. It's a legal substance, so shut your fucking hole, take a little advice from Anthrax and

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