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            04/17/05 - Maybe if Terri Shiavo Was a Dolphin
            02/26/05 - Do Liberals Have 401k's?
            01/22/05 - 33 Years of Legalized Murder
            01/15/05 - Ask the All Seeing Alan
            01/05/05 - Smoking Rant
            11/12/04 - Elections, Arafat, and that Peterson Guy
            11/03/04 - Obligatory Election Stuff
            11/02/04 - Give 'em the Dubya
            11/02/04 - Al Gore Reminds Me to Vote
            10/23/04 - Skewed Presidential Quiz Results
            10/09/04 - Sweet Ann Strikes Again
            10/05/04 - Cheney's Bitch
09/16/04 - Commander In Chief

            09/04/04 - Have A Heart
            08/04/04 - Hey John Kerry
            07/27/04 - The Ketchup Lady Speaketh
            07/27/04 - Will the Real Liberals Please Stand Up
            07/11/04 - Fun With Democrats
            07/07/04 - Kerry / Edwards 2004
            07/04/04 - Don't Give Us a Reason
            07/04/04 - Patriotic and Stuff
            07/03/04 - Ann Coulter Stuff
            06/26/04 - Liberal-tarians
            06/24/04 - John Kerry's Important Senate Vote...not meaning jack shit
            06/19/04 - Door to Door Democrats
            06/10/04 - The Legacy of the Peanut Man
            06/06/04 - The Gipper is Gone
            05/26/04 - We Don't Need No Steeeenking Shrines
            05/18/04 - John Kerry and Gas
            05/14/04 - Maybe Oprah Should Be An Interrogator
            05/12/04 - Nick Berg Video
            04/14/04 - Hot Air America
            04/07/04 - Wartime Semantics
            03/27/04 - The Widow Carnahan
            03/22/04 - Thank You, John McCain

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        My Pictures of Wartime Torture and Abuse
    Quit Yer Bitchin'
        PC vs Mac
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        The Stanley Hotel - 2011
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        Villisca Ax Murder House - 2015
        Missouri State Penitentiary - 2015

    Personal Favorites Survey
    Did Mortification Predict 9-11??
White Metal Show

    Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Pissing Razors, and Incantation concert review
    Six Feet Under, Sworn Enemy, Skinless, and Origin concert review
    Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Macabre, and Deeds of Flesh concert review
    Living Sacrifice, The JamesDeanTrio, and  Kao Kyen concert review
    Demon Hunter, Extol, The Agony Scene, and The Breathing Process concert review
    Cradle of Filth, KillSwitch Engage, Shadows Fall, and Sworn Enemy concert review
    "Weird Al" Yankovic concert review
    Anthrax, Lamb of God, and E. Town Concrete concert review
    Slayer, Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, and Hemlock concert review
    Nile, Kreator, Vader, Amon Amarth, and Goatwhore concert review
    Stryper and Boomstick concert review
    Dimmu Borgir, Nevermore, Children of Bodom, and Hypocrisy concert review
Crematorium / The Judas Cradle / Frost Like Ashes concert review

    In Flames / Killswitch Engage / The Esoteric concert review
    OzzFest 2004 review
    Celldweller concert review
    Cradle of Filth / Bleeding Through / Arch Enemy / Himsa concert review
Queensryche concert review

    Eluveitie / 3 Inches of Blood / Holy Grail / System Divide
    Motorhead / Clutch / Valient Thorr

    An Evening with Amon Amarth

    A Brutal Christmas - The Season In Chaos
    Crimson Thorn - Purification
    Hate Eternal - King Of All Kings
    Living Sacrifice - Conceived In Fire
    Frost Like Ashes - 4 song EP
    Frost Like Ashes - Pure As The Blood Covered Snow
    SOTD The Collection Volume I : Tools Of The Trade
    Extol - Paralysis
    Extol - Synergy
    Six Feet Under - Graveyard Classics

    Arch Enemy - Anthems of Rebellion
    Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon
    Goatwhore - Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun
    King Diamond - The Puppet Master
    Morbid Angel - Heretic
    King's X - Black Like Sunday
    Stryper - Seven
    Narcotic Self - 3 song EP
    Pittcore - 3 song EP
    Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn 
    DamagePlan - New Found Power 
    DevilDriver - DevilDriver 
    Dream Theater - Train of Thought 
    Probot - Probot     
    Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix
Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden

    The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed
In Flames - Soundtrack To Your Escape

    Black Label Society - Hangover Music Vol. VI
Fear Factory - Archetype
    Antestor - Det Tapte Liv 
    Evergrey - The Inner Circle 
    Machine Head - Through The Ashes Of Empires 
    Mortification - Brain Cleaner 
    Suffocation - Souls To Deny 
    Velvet Revolver - Contraband 
    Saint - In The Battle
    Megadeth - The System Has Failed
Stryper - 7 Weeks: Live In America, 2003

    Anthrax - The Greater of Two Evils 
    Exodus - Tempo of the Damned 
    Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution 
Shadows Fall - The War Within 

    Deicide - To Hell With God
Stryper - The Covering

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    Hereford House
    Mugs Up
    China East
Jason's Deli

Movies & TV
    Blood Work
    Brotherhood Of The Wolf
    Jason X
    Jeepers Creepers
    Punch-Drunk Love
    Scorpion King, The   

    Undercover Brother
    The Ring
    Reign Of Fire
    Super Troopers
    Bourne Identity, The
Minority Report

    Kill Bill - Vol. 1
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
    The Passion of the Christ
    Kill Bill - Vol. 2
    Van Helsing
    The Village
    Exorcist - The Beginning

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