Personal Favorites

I've been fascinated by the question of, "Would you rather be blind, or be deaf?"  I would personally prefer to be blind.  I could deal with not being able to see a sunset or a snowcapped mountainside.  I've already seen those images before so I can easily recall them.  If someone describes a picture in terms of color, shape, or form, I can put them into perspective.  I'd have to learn not to bump into things when I walk, but after enough bruises and concussions, I'd figure it out.  What I couldn't deal with is going any length of time without listening to music.


My musical tastes range from Classic Country to Classic Rock, from Jazz to Japanese Noise, from Goth to Grindcore, and Disco to Death Metal.  For the most part, I despise this new "Young Country" trend, where in reality these artists are pop acts who wear cowboy boots.  Shania Twain may be a hot piece of ass, but let us not forget...she's a Canadian!!!  I guess she comes from real redneck roots selling maple syrup and trading beaver pelts up there in the Great White North.  In terms of real twangy redneck country music, give me Merle Haggard or David Allan Coe any day.  The Goth scene is pretty good, but the only trouble is....the people in it.  These crazy fucks think they're vampires.  I don't listen to the Gangsta "yo yo yo wickee wickee scratch" Rap, due to the fact they tend to perpetuate a lifestyle that ultimately leads down the wrong road.  I don't do Boy Bands, because they probably already do each other.


So, what do I like?  Here's an extremely small list of some of my personal faves (in no particular order)


Death Metal

Morbid Angel

Crimson Thorn




Vengeance Rising

Napalm Death


Cannibal Corpse


Black Metal


Cradle of Filth




Dark Funeral


Dimmu Borgir



Thrash Metal






Nuclear Assault


The Crucified



Industrial / Ambient / Noise

Circle Of Dust





Malformed Earthborn


Trial Of The Bow



Classic Rock


Pink Floyd


REO Speedwagon



Cheap Trick


Bad Company

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

Country & Western

David Allan Coe

Merle Haggard

Willie Nelson

Charlie Daniels

Hank Williams Jr.

Jerry Reed

Waylon Jennings

Don Williams

Eddie Rabbit

George Jones

Favorite Vocalists

Geoff Tate - Queensryche

Luke Renno - Crimson Thorn

Glen Benton - Deicide

Steve Rowe - Mortification (old)

King Diamond - Mercyful Fate / King Diamond

Bruce Dickenson - Iron Maiden

Rob Halford - Judas Priest

George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - Cannibal Corpse / Monstrosity

John Tardy - Obituary

Luc Lemay - Gorguts

Favorite Guitarists

Andy LaRoque - King Diamond / Death

Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.) - Death

Larry Farkas - Vengeance Rising / Die Happy

David Gilmour - Pink Floyd

Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent / Damn Yankees

David Chastain - Chastain

Vinnie Moore

James Murphy - Obituary / Testament

Kurt Bachman - Believer


Favorite Bassists

Geddy Lee - Rush

Les Claypool - Primus

Steve Rowe - Mortification

Alex Webster - Cannibal Corpse

Steve Digiorgio - Death / Dragonlord

D.D. Verni - Overkill

Steve Harris - Iron Maiden

John Myung - Dream Theater

Frank Bello - Anthrax

Michael Wilton - Queensryche

Favorite Drummers

Pete Sandoval - Morbid Angel

Gene Hoglan - Death / Strapping Young Lad

Neil Peart - Rush

Mikkey Dee - King Diamond

Jayson Sherlock - Mortification / Paramaecium

Dave Culross - Malevolent Creation

Steve Asheim - Deicide

Ted Kirkpatrick - Tourniquet

Charlie Benante - Anthrax (old)

Donald Tardy - Obituary


Favorite Albums

Mortification - Scrolls Of The Megilloth

Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice

Deicide - Legion

Immortal - Battles In The North

Strapping Young Lad - City

Morbid Angel - Covenant

Slayer - Reign In Blood

Pink Floyd - Animals

David Allan Coe - For The Record

Saint - Time's End


CD's you wouldn't think I'd own, but I actually do

Ace Of Base - The Sign

Chipmunks - Urban Chipmunk
Air Supply -
Greatest Hits

Pat Boone - In A Metal Mood

Billy Ray Cyrus - Some Gave All

Blondie - Best Of Blondie

Bread - Anthology Of Bread

Phil Collins - No Jacket Required

Amy Grant - The Collection

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

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