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-  Possible activity by a former tenant that used to live in my first apartment - Moving Bottles in my First Apartment
-  I am currently working on some potential answers to the strange/paranormal happenings in the house. Let's just say that double homicide is involved.

-  Added our 2017 trip to The Sallie House, and our 2018 trip to Malvern Manor.

I went through my archives and added pictures to The Stanley Hotel, The Crescent Hotel, The James Family Farm, The Elms Hotel, and The Belvoir Winery pages.
-  Working on updating my Politics section. It was old and outdated with material from the 2000's era George W. Bush presidency, so it needs a good Trump era reboot. Boy has a lot changed. MAGA, Bitches!

-  Updated the Podcast Links to include a few new ones I listen to.
-  Added pictures and EVP's to Villisca Ax Murder House trip.

-  I started a new Paranormal section. I still have plenty to add, but this is a start.

-  I am working on a Paranormal section of the website. Nothing yet, just a dopey "Coming Soon" splash page. By paranormal, I mean ghosts and hauntings. It is not going to be a place for silly shit like Bigfoot, Aliens, UFOs, Illuminati conspiracies, or a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

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