July 27, 2006
Worlds of Fun 2006 Trip
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Worlds of Fun entrance from a distance

Just a tad closer

Patriot from the entrance to the park

Going through the ticket booths

Spinning Dragons.  This is where the Dolphin Show used to be

Hey, there really is a dragon there

Car on the Spinning Dragon starting to make  the rounds

Car on the Spinning Dragons

Fountain inside the Spinning Dragons.

Must be getting ready for Halloween.  I believe this is the old station for the Orient Express

Our first time riding the Patriot.  New coaster for 2006

Leaving the station

Leaving the station

Patriot again

End of the line

Needed to get a little drenched, so Thunderhawk was next up

Dry riders on Thunderhawk

About to get soaked riders on Thunderhawk

Soaked from head to toe riders on Thunderhawk.

Unfortunately, Timber Wolf was closed for the day :(

A lone wolfie inside the Timber Wolf

So we rode Cyclone Sam's, which is the old Wobble Wheel but put indoors

Entrance to the kiddy portion of the park

The giant Snoopy of your nightmares

Snoopy is the Red Bacon?

The Detonator shooting up

Waiting to launch

3 - 2 - 1...BLASTOFF

Up Up and Awayyyy

Viking Voyager is one of WOF's original rides

Whew!  I barely made it

A nice short line to ride

Cruising along getting ready to rape and pillage

Viking Voyager moving out to the woods

Still sailing from the land of ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

The big finish...

...and the splash!

The Fjörd Fjärlane.  Formerly known as the River City Rampage

We're in the Scandinavian section of the park and are hungry.  Why does this food stand seem outta place?

I didn't know Vikings were famous for their roasted corn and turkey legs

Ended up eating here, sammiches and fries

Jerseys from the KC Royals days of yore...when they were good

Derrick Thomas #58

Still sailing to Valhalla on the Viking Voyager

Entrance to the Bamboozler

Yes, it bamboozles

A quaint little waterfall

Of all rides to pose in front of, Brian chooses the Ferris Wheel

Top of the Ferris Wheel looking toward the Mamba

Same things, just zoomed in a little

Still looking toward the Mamba, with Thunderhawk in the  foreground

Top of Ferris Wheel looking backwards toward the Patriot

Patriot with a train flying around it

Overhead view of Spinning Dragon from atop the Ferris Wheel

Fountain in Bicentennial Square

Grand Prix race track.  This was formerly the main entrance with boats in the lake


Brian in front of the candy shop

I so wanted to run up and hump this cow, but I'm sure I would have gotten expelled from the park

Kansas City's best average BBQ joint

Time for a trip on the choo-choo.  Is the engineer taking a leak on the engine?

Merry-Go-Round from the train.  Right after this picture, the little girl on the right fell off the horse

The Bounce-a-Roos from the train.  I rode this once as a kid and the damn things wouldn't bounce!!

The Zulu, from the train, going up in the air

A broken down Octopus from the train

Still on the train, heading out to the old town

This old rickety town is about to become somebody's  kindling

Firewood everywhere

Water Tower about to take my head off if I don't lean back in the train

Still on the train, passing behind the Boomerang

The noisy Taxi ride

Autobahn, old bumper cars

I found this funny.  Must have been a helluva wreck in the Autobahn!

The Flying Dutchman, or as we call it, the Sleeping Dutchman

Entrance to the Boomerang.  Formerly the entrance to the Zambezi Zinger :(

The Boomerang taking up the old Zambezi Zinger's spot

Train gets pulled backwards up the hill

The train descends down through the station...

...around a twisting loop...

...goes inverted...

...and to the top of the next hill.  It then goes through the track backwards.

This is the Boomerang from the entrance of Fury of the Nile

We didn't buy anything, but just liked the name

Fury of the Nile zipping downstream

Not intentionally, but I got this group going...

...and coming

The Mamba.  Tall and fast, but I've been spoiled by Millennium Force at Cedar Point :)

A look back at Fury of the Nile's loading area from the Mamba

Entrance to Mamba.  Thanks for getting out of the way dimwits.

More dimwits in the way, and looking up toward the station

The Mamba coming and going

Two stalkers.  These ruffians seemed to be on rides every time we were on them.  Strange

Here's the Mamba train coming into the station

Coasters 50's style restaurant next to Mamba

Strange sign for some dog show..EXTREEEEEME CANINES!!!
The End

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