August 12, 2011       
Patrick & Nikki Get Married

Yes I am finally getting the pictures up.  Here are pictures of the wedding, the reception following, and pictures of our stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. There are a lot of pictures, so have patience. I split them up by event so that should make things easier and avoid putting hundreds of pictures on one page.  Hope you enjoy.

The Wedding - We did a small wedding at the Truman Memorial Building on the Independence Square.  Friends and family were in attendance. Given the military decor of the room, it was unintentionally appropriate that Nikki and I were married there, since we are both veterans. For the uninformed, Harry Truman is from Independence, MO, hence all the WWII Japanese items in the background.

The Reception - After the wedding, we headed back to our place for fun and frivolity.

The Honeymoon - We stayed two nights at the Stanley Hotel, Room 309. Lots of pictures and some interesting experiences.

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