September 2003
My New Bathroom
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Before - This is what my bathroom has looked like for the longest time.  As you can see, it's  Tons of water damage in the shower walls, shower tiles falling off, and the floor under the toilet was badly rotted due to a bad seal, thus making the linoleum bleed blue with that Tidy-Bowl stuff.  The tub, sink, faucet and vanity are simply old and looked nasty.  The "paintjob" my Mom did on the door and the walls was really getting on my nerves.  That entailed painting the surface white, letting it dry, and then dobbing it with a Brillo pad with blue paint.  Enough is enough, so after putting this project off for a long time, I finally kicked into gear a week before Chris left for Dallas.   



Destruction - I had a dumpster brought out and put in the driveway, and by the time Chris (my roommate) was done it was about half full.  I filled up the other half with old stuff from the basement that I've been meaning to toss.  I forgot to get pictures of the full dumpster, but I'm sure you could care less. Chris got things started off by tearing out the walls, breaking up the cast iron tub with a sledgehammer, removing the medicine cabinets, door, sink, and vanity.  Had a couple disturbing finds.  When Chris took out the medicine cabinet above the sink, he said hundreds of razorblades fell all over the place.  Same thing with the medicine cabinet on the opposite wall.  He also found an old metal Schlitz can, with no pop-top or pull-tab.  Back in the day, you had to have a can whoever built the bathroom obviously got thirsty and popped a cold one, finished it, and put it behind the wall.  There was also some old TV Guide pages behind the wall too.  Weird.



Rebuilding (Chris) - Before Chris left for Dallas, he knew he wouldn't be able to get everything finished, but he did put in the shower enclosure, the sink and vanity, as well as a new floor and linoleum.  For the shower nozzle, he did move it up about a foot.  I'm 6'1", and it was a hassle having to bend over backwards to wash my hair under the nozzle where it used to be.  The plan was to come up in the next couple weekends and finish up the bathroom, but that didn't happen.  In the meantime, he got my bathroom useable in anticipation of returning to finish the job.


Rebuilding (Allen) - Due to Chris not being able to get back to KC on the weekend, I was sort of left in a bind.  Yeah, I could have people over, but if they needed to use the bathroom, I'm sure they'd feel a little weird because of the lack of door.  Also, half the walls were tore down.  Chris also wasn't too sure about his drywall mudding and taping skills.  So I decided to call around.  A few places didn't answer their phone.  Some didn't call back.  Some just sounded unenthused about the project, like they didn't want my business.  One place though, Allen's Remodeling & Home Repair, was very friendly over the phone, and called me right back.  Allen Goin came out the next day, gave me a bid, and I liked what I heard.  He showed all his credentials, licensing, insurance, various associations he was a part of, explained how the process would work, how many days it would take, what would be done on what day, etc.  Very informative.  The only downside was that I had to flip my night schedule to a day schedule for a little while in order to accommodate the work being done.  He was here around 9:00 AM and worked until he got to a stopping point that day.  It took him a total of 4 days, but really 3 days because the first day was only a couple hours of work and the last day was sanding and painting. 



After - The final day arrived, and all that was left to do was sand and paint.  Lots of dust was flying that day.  Everything is finished.  I just need to buy some stuff to put on the walls.  Oh yeah, I'll be getting new shower rods and curtains.  Everything is drying right now and the back half of the house smells like fresh paint, so that's nice.  

In short, I'm extremely pleased with the work that was done and the professionalism involved.  New walls.  New shower and tub.  New sink.  New vanity.  New lights.  New exhaust fan.  New floor and linoleum.  New medicine cabinet and mirror.  New faucets for sink and tub.  New paintjob.  New door.  Again, I am very pleased with the work.  If you live in the Kansas City area and need some home remodeling done, I recommend his services.

Allen's Home Remodeling & Repair Inc.
Independence, MO
(816) 257-7405

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