October 31, 2004
Halloween 2004
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This was just a little get together among friends.  I don't think I've ever been to a real Halloween party.  After working haunted houses for much of the 90's and being in the Marine Corps before that, I just never indulged in such season festivities.  After impromptu planning on Massa's part, this year I decided to go as Lt Jim Dangle from Reno 911.  Those shorts were extremely tight, and haven't fit me in years.  Luckily I still kept them for no apparent reason besides for this event...hehe.  I picked up a small/tight long-sleeve shirt at Walmart and cut off the sleeves.  The badge was traced onto and cut out of posterboard, covered in foil and colored in with a marker.  Same thing with the Lieutenant bars on the collar.  The club was made out of  a cardboard tube from an old window roll-up shade thing.  Wrapped in tape (a few extra wraps for the handle), and spraypainted black.  Everybody else did their own thing.  Tyree was the evil serial killer Walter Sullivan from the Silent Hill video game.  Brian was a ninja with modern day accoutrements .  Nikki was Little Red Hot Riding Hood.  Massa was going toga.  Mike didn't have anything, so Massa gave him an old Circle-K shirt.  Jackie was a backdoor redhead in a superhero costume.

Had lots of fun that night.  Beer, darts, dancing, music, pool, and pointless talking that went nowhere...but we laughed alot!

Tyree as a wigless Walter Sullivan and Massa as some chick in a toga.

Brian as the KC-Chiefs-watch-wearing-ninja???

Nikki as the hot chick in a red thing ;)

Tyree, Me as Lt. Jim Dangle, and Massa

Massa striking a Roman statuesque pose. Now if only she was spitting water out of her mouth.

Jackie as a superhero backdoor redhead, and Tyree trying to figure out why she's knocking his balls around so much.

Massa getting in a little stick action.

Brian and Mike stare in amazement and wonder, "Wow! It's amazing what a donkey can do given a bit of Astroglide!". Is Nikki spiking the drinks?  Massa hides behind a pole. uhhuh...huh...I said POLE...huhhuh..

Walter Sullivan is so evil that even his photos turn out blurry!

Nikki caught blowing her nose in the girly sports themed bathroom. huhhuh...I said blowing..uhhhuhhhuh...

Oh yeah, Lt. Dangle could easily manhandle the KC-Chiefs-watch-wearing-hunchback-ninja.

Larry Flynt would be proud of this one. Me and the handcuffed backdoor redheads. *brownchickenbrownbrown*

Me, Mike as the happy Mexican Circle-K clerk, and Nikki.

Me as a pool-sharkin' blonde hottie.

Jackie and Booger the gay dog.

What the hell was I thinking?!?!

Nikki wanted to be a backdoor redhead last night too!

Nikki and Booger before he got a little frisky with the guests ;)

Jackie getting all giggly.

Massa and the picture she didn't want me to post...mwahahaha!!

Jackie saying goodbye to Booger.

Massa and Nikki

Tyree, Me, and Brian

Mike as a Circle K clerk. He's supposed to dress up as a bloody, dead Circle K clerk next year.

Jackie the backdoor redhead.

Nikki taking control of the stick.

Lt Dangle removes the glasses.

Jackie knocking more balls around.

Nikki was naughty, and needed to be taken in for probing.

Nikki going off on a rant about public schools.

Nikki's turn to win at pool...*ahem* Mike knocked in the 8-ball early.

Backdoor redheads must like to straddle chairs.

Nikki's best game is played on the table...

...and so is mine.

Late night girl talk...and Tyree :)

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