July 29, 2006
BBQ & Poker Night
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Debbie, Nellie, and Becki enjoying A/C while the guys are outside

Danny tending the grill that Mike and I got a little too hot

Mike trying to look intimidating

Plenty of piggy to be cooked

Becki munching away

Debbie mouthed off to me one too many times, so I kicked her in the knee :)

People hiding from the camera...except for a miscellaneous finger

I felt so dirty having to buy Michelob Ultra for the dieting drunks in attendance

A Mrs Butterworth inside joke

A stocked bar is a happy bar

The Bob makes an appearance

Mike and Becki

The pork is almost ready to be consumed

Danny's smoooking!!!

Becki braiding Foo-Man-Chu's hair

Yeah, it's a little hot in there

Mike taking a break

Becki, a woman who knows how to hold her meat

Nellie made fun of me for taking so many pictures, she wanted me to take a picture of this...

...and Bob's house

Danny and Mike passing the pork..huhhuuhuh huhuhh uhhuhhh...pork

I have a perfectly fine blender, ice, alcohol, but Mike goes out for slushies.  How cute!

Debbie doing my dishes because she's such a nice person...and she's my bitch :)

Debbie taking a picture of her handywork

Debbie taking a picture of the real handywork

Meat = W00T!

The Bob running amok

Me pretending to be useful on the grill

I'm such a contributor

Shane shows up

Shane and I taken aback by fire...like a couple of cavemen

Danny spots something interesting

Time to feast

Mike and The Bob

It's poker time, and Becki is doing pretty good

Brian looking earnest, while Danny is looking like a dork

The man knows what he wants

Caviar is goooood

After many hands of nickel, dime, quarter stakes, we raised the bar

Mike, Shane, and me

Time for Mike to win big

...and time for Becki to take it all

Hello Kitty at the table

Shane and Brian

Nellie wins big!!

The Bob knows what he wants...but ain't gonna get it

Step 1 - Get ice

Becki being all shutterbuggy

Brian and the shutterbug

Step 2 - Pour Presidente

Step 3 - Pour mixer

The Bob is out for the count

Becki actually having a Royal Flush, and being the big winner of the night
The End

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